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World Of Warcraft's Battle For Azeroth expansion is out now

This time it's really war, for real!

The world of World Of Warcraft is once more at war, now that Battle For Azeroth has launched this morning. Sylvanas has torched Teldrassil because reasons, the Alliance have sieged Lordaeron to get at her, the rest of the Horde aren't too pleased with all this, and aw, to heck with it, let's everybody rumble again. As the expansion bumps the MMO's story back into murderous motion, it also boosts the level cap so players can murder better, adds new lands to murder in, new modes to murder through, and new playable minor factions to murder as. WoW: it's really murdertime now.

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New murderlevel cap: 120. New friendly lands for Alliance and Horde: Jaina Proudmoore's Kul Tiras and the Troll empire of Zandalar. New murdermodes: 20-player cooperative PvE Warfront sieges and 3-player Uncharted Islands with competing squads racing to gather loot in PvP and PvE flavours. New playable factions: a whole load of new trolls and elves and dwarves who look a little different to their standard cousins and have new abilities of their own. And, like, a load of other expansion stuff. Murderquests! Murderitems! All that!

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth is out now for £40/$50 on These days, you no longer need to buy the base game and all of the expansions to play, as everything except Battle For Azeroth is included with the subscription fee.

Maybe once this is up and running, we'll hear more about Blizzard's plans to officially bring back an older version of the game as WoW Classic.

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