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World of Warcraft is doubling all XP gains to keep its players indoors

Double trouble

We all get those urges from time to time. You're stuck at home, the PC's right there. Surely it's time to start up another World of Warcraft character, right? Unfortunately, that temptation might be harder to resist this month. As an incentive for staying indoors and infection-free, Blizzard have let loose the Winds of Wison, an 100% experience boost for every Azerothian adventurer 'til April 20th.

Whether out of genuine concern or taking advantage of a house-bound community, Blizzard are encouraging World of Warcraft players to remain logged in with a month-long double XP bonus. From now 'til April 20th, Battle for Azeroth players will see every experience point gained double through a new "Winds of Wisdom" buff - along with all starter edition players, and paid subscribers who haven't yet picked up the latest expansion.

Being time-locked in 2005, World of Warcraft: Classic players won't receive the XP bonus. Hell, they probably aren't even aware there's a crisis going on - what with all the, uh... Harry Potters and Green Days and wars on terror or whatever else was happening in 2005 to preoccupy them. I was 10. Don't ask me to remember things.

Now, I'm not sure even a 5,000% XP bonus would get me back into WoW. After a whole decade-and-a-bit, I think I'm finally done throwing fireballs at goblins. But if you are thinking about starting a new adventure or pushing a forgotten character towards the endgame, now's the perfect time to get grinding.

Blizzard aren't alone in trying to convince you to remain indoors during these uncertain times. is full of incredible indie games going cheap or free, while our own Alice Bee even put together her own list of games to play while self-isolating.

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