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Loads of "games to help you stay inside" are free on right now

Loads of good stuff!

As more people face a whole lot more time indoors, not to mention medical and financial anxiety, many kind developers are giving games away free or slapping on big discounts. You can find a nice lot of these on, where the splendid store have listed many of the "games to help you stay inside". Most of these are free, some have tasty discounts, and loads are good. Honestly you should go wild and try whatever takes your fancy but I do have a few recommendations to get you started, from walking simulators to shoot 'em ups.

I'll focus on the freebies for my picks:

Nuclear Throne

Vlambeer's roguelikelike top-down shooter is one of the best action games, according to some site named Rock, Paper, Shootguns. I endorse their opinion. If you'd rather have this on Steam, Vlambeer have cut its price as much as they can - a 90% discount.

Mu Cartographer

Hey, here, take this weird machine - you're good to scan landscapes with it now, right? Alright, cool, get to it.

0°N 0°W

Brendy went in expecting some plain ol' Alice-friendly walking and got his melon twisted.

Far Future Tourism

We already posted separately about Connor Sherlock's excellent walking simulator collection being free right now, but I really like it so I want to mention it again.


Our former Alec (RPS in peace) struggled to explain the glitchworld without spoiling the wonder, eventually giving up with: "So instead I'll just say 'it is a videogame you have to figure out for yourself, but once you do you're essentially making progress by turning off the bits of the world which impede you.' But that's not right either." It's a good game.

Little Mouse's Encyclopedia

Alright I haven't played this, but after seeing this trailer I want to learn all about woodpeckers, blueberries, and whatever else is in the world.

Fugue In Void

It gave Alice Bee a fear of Brutalism and more could anyone want at this time?

Quiet As A Stone

Break and build stone circles and gardens in this pleasant toylike game.

Death Ray Manta SE

Rob Fearon understands that shmups should contain as many colours and particles as the human eye can perceive.

Many games that aren't free, only discounted, are well worth a go too. I particularly recommend the warm soap opera of Mutazione (oh right, that's free on Epic right now anyway), the daydream dioramas of Islands: Non Places, the ball-pushing puzzles of A Good Snowman Is Hard To Build, and the heart-punching musical violence of Thumper.

Do have a look at Itch's full list. What else do you recommend there, chums? Our faithful old list of the best free games can keep you busy too.

If you crave newsness, Valve will today launch the Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition with loads of free demos to stand in for cancelled GDC showcases.

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