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World War II Never Changes: Enemy Front

Explosive trailer

Younger readers may not be aware that World War II games were once like zombie games are today. Everywhere you looked, Allied soldiers were planting satchel charges and running through the bombed-out ruins of once-picturesque French villages. Over 85% of games released between 1999 and 2004 featured an Omaha Beach level. Enemy Front looks like it may take us back to that time. The opening of the trailer caused a smile to flicker across my face, which is a wholly inappropriate reaction when faced with depictions of horrific warfare. But it looked like a return to the original Call of Duty games. Soon, the explosion count rises until almost every bullet seems to hit a self-destruct button.


When explosions are such a common occurrence, they lose their capacity to inspire awe and terror. Much like zombies.

I'm glad I didn't read the short synopsis underneath the trailer before I watched it because I would have been extremely disappointed. Before reading on, I want you to guess who the player character is:

A) Billy Petrol, a proto-punk Englishman who travels to France and joins the resistance so that he can 'smash some 'eds in'.

B) Claudette Baguette, a French cabaret singer turned deadly resistance fighter.

C) Jeremy Knuckle, a British officer with a dark secret.

D) Marty 'Tank' Tank, a US Special Forces agent attempting to kill Hitler single-handed.

E) Hans Luger, a defector.


Shoot, snipe or sneak past Nazi forces as American war correspondent Robert Hawkins as he teams up with resistance fighters opposing the Nazi regime. Meticulously plan out your route, picking off enemy soldiers with pinpoint accuracy from a distance, disable and dispatch troops through sabotage, or go in guns blazing.

Given the footage we've just watched, I'd argue that all of my suggestions are more reasonable than Robert Hawkins, American war correspondent. This definitely looks like a game about being a gun. And occasionally becoming a knife.

Enemy Front is out in June on PC and previous-gen consoles.

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