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Worms Rumble will ditch turns for 32-player action

A holy hand-grenade to the formula

When Team17 first teased a new Worms game coming in 2020 they called it "worms like you've never played before." They've now officially announced Worms Rumble and yeah, it is definitely not your traditional Worms game. I was joking when I said "Worms battle royale confirmed" months ago but, well, here we are. The 32-player Worms action game will host a beta later this month and release in late 2020.

Team17 are definitely taking a swing on this one, but I suppose its up to Worms fans old and new to decide if it's a hit or miss. Worms Rumble will be ditching typical series features like turn-based combat in favor of fast-paced action. It will have 32-player Deathmatch and Last Worm Standing modes that you can play across platforms with your console pals.

Seems like Team17 are going all-in on the online service game format with in-game currency to unlock worm skins, daily challenges, and seasonal events. On the familiar side, they say you'll be able to blow up your invertebrate enemies with series staples like the bazooka, shotgun, and holy hand-grenade.

Although I haven't spotted any in the reveal trailer above, Team17 have confirmed on Twitter that Worms Rumble will include "destructible elements", which they'll show off closer to launch. In the comments section for the reveal trailer they add that "there are parts of the map where terrain is destructible, this varies between maps."

If you're keen to give this radical new Worms game a go, you can sign up for the PC beta using this form. Team17 say that testing will begin on July 15th.

There's no firm release date for Worms Rumble just yet. It's planned for release in late 2020 and you can find it on Steam until then.

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