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Bombs & Burrows: New Worms WMD Multiplayer Trailer

Wiggle war

Over 3,000,000,000 worms have met their fate since the eponymous Worms launched its first turn-based strategy/murderfest iteration in 1995. So say its developers Team 17 anyway, and given the fact there's been 20-some-odd variations of the banana bomb and kamikaze combo released in the last 21 years, I'm willing to accept that claim as true. This week, the upcoming Worms WMD [official site] peaked its head above the soil-covered parapet for the first time in a while with a new multiplayer trailer.

Aye, it's worms as you know it. But there's tanks this time too.

There's also rocket-launching choppers for you to send skyward, concealable buildings for you to take cover in, and a gigantic concrete donkey that appears to be used as a crushing weapon and is inspired by a real life garden ornament. Because, well, Worms. Obviously. Check that out:

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The above aims to "add new strategic elements of gameplay to the traditional wormy warfare," say Team17. "Players can dive into the extensive single player modes or compete in crazy multiplayer with local couch co-op and online modes supporting up to six players with up to eight worms each."

Admittedly, I played a lot of Worms Way Back When therefore that, to me, looks exciting. According to words shared with PCGamesN last year, WMD will pull from 1999's Worms Armageddon and while the prospect of steering tanks and helicopters around its battlefields sounds exciting, I'm most looking forward to seeing how its cover system works in practice.

Much of what I loved about Worms games, the early ones in particular, was their omnipresent sense of vulnerability and how even when not in direct range of an opponent, you were never safe. I'm keen to see how the addition of cover by way of concealable buildings shakes things up for both sides.

Worms WMD is without a set release date for now but is expected to launch later this year.

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