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Would You Like To Try Again? FF14 Re-Released

It's very rare to see a game get a second chance at greatness. Publishers don't react well to perceived failure so the ongoing saga of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is more than a little heart-warming. After a, to put it nicely, not so good original release the rebooted version of the game has been barn-storming its way through my friends list since early access began. By all accounts it's made some significant improvements. Now Square bring news they've been so immensely popular that they've had to temporarily cancel digital sales of the game to keep their servers functioning. This amidst desperate attempts to keep things under control by limiting character creation and increasing numbers of servers available. Thoughts on these moves and a launch trailer under the cut.

So, despite that Facebook post, I have managed to make it all the way to payment on the official site for a digital download copy. I'm not willing to drop £20 on an experiment, so it's possible I'll be denied later in the process but it seems unlikely. Moreover, third party sites are still selling too. There's no mention of the move beyond Facebook either, having checked both the official site and the central Square Enix one. Bit odd. Anyone delivering a little Final Fantasy straight to their veins, or are you through MMO rehab at this point?

UPDATE: Since writing this story, Square Enix have posted an official update on the main site and taken down FF14 from their store. Third parties still seem to have it, however. At a guess, the Facebook post went live a little earlier than intended or was meant simply as a warning that this would be happening soon.

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