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Wuzza Wuzza: The Nomad Soul Re-Released on GoG

Back before Quantic Dream's David Cage was thoughtlessly proclaiming that only his barely-interactive exercises in ropey story-telling could save the world, he was busily being absolutely, 110% mad as a box of polecats and making gloriously cracked games about parallel worlds and David Bowie. There are a million and one things wrong with Omikron: The Nomad Soul, but its unflinching dedication to doing everything ever, regardless of all sense and logic, and somehow dragging the universe's greatest pop star along for the ride, makes it something of a forever-milestone.

It's back to bamboozle us anew, with a re-release on GoG.

It's been tweaked and prodded to play nice on modern Windowses, though appears unchanged other than that. Your $9.99 gets you assorted making of and concept art whotsits, though sadly there's no soundtrack or other musical bits in there so no Bowie-noodling for us.

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Is it coincidence that this has been re-released hot on the heels of Bowie's comeback album, The Next Day? Don't be silly. David Bowie doesn't allow coincidences. David Bowie has planned and mapped out every single second of human existence until the end of time. David Bowie is directing my hand as I write these words. David Bowie is your real mum and dad.

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