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X-Comparisons Inevitable: Falling Skies

That familiar feeling

Are there any fans of Falling Skies out there? I have vague memories of a trailer for the first season but it left about as much of an impression as a gnat on a trampoline. As the end times approach for the sci-fi show about the end times that follow an alien invasion, some enterprising developers have released an XCOM total conversion that takes place following "the destruction of an Espheni tower at the end of season 3". Quite how DreamWorks will feel about this use of their intellectual property is...

Oh. It's not an XCOM mod. It's an officially licensed game based on a series about an alien invasion that looks a bit like XCOM. And by 'a bit', I mean 'almost exactly'.

Turn-based squad-level tactical combat against aliens can come in many guises. Sure, the command viewpoint and 'cinematic' camera angles are a little familiar, and, yes, elements of the UI are recognisable, but at least the Skitters don't look like and behave in a manner not entirely dissimilar to another alien lifeform.

Developers Little Orbit have featured on RPS before and they have several Barbie titles in their back catalogue, among other games using toy and cartoon licenses. A turn-based tactical skirmish game is a step up from that, I guess.

Chicken Little has a week to prepare - Falling Skies is set for release on September 30th.

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