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Xbox Game Pass For PC's price is going up next week

It's not the nicest news, but it was going to happen eventually

Following all the exciting next-gen Xbox news yesterday, Microsoft have revealed that price of Xbox Game Pass For PC will increase next Thursday, the 17th of September. Up to this point, the subscription service giving access to a load of games has cost £4/$5 but that will now double to £8/$10.

It's worth noting that Game Pass for PC has been in a beta testing phase with a discount, so the hike is essentially matching what players on console have already been paying.

This comes from a series of tweets from the Xbox Game Pass For PC account, where they also said that current Game Pass users will keep their existing price for another billing cycle, so if you're paying monthly your next bill should still be the lower price.

Subscription services price hikes always feel like a bit of a shock to the system, but Microsoft seem to have at least timed this news so Game Pass members don't feel too put out. Yesterday, they announced that Xbox Game Pass will soon include EA Play membership at no additional cost. EA Play is the new name for Origin Access, and while it's not quite as good as Microsoft's subscription service, it does have a load of good old games from series like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield, and Fifa.

If you do fancy yourself an Xbox Game Pass subscription, it might be worth grabbing one sooner rather than later, because it's just £1/$1 for your first month (though it will jump up to the higher price after). Microsoft list all the games currently on Game Pass For PC over here.

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