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No U FO! XCOM 2: War of the Chosen released

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen [official site] could almost be named XCOM 3, our Alec thought in his review of the new expansion pack for the alien-mashing tactical game. It adds new factions, new classes, new abilities, new enemies, new bosses, new mission types, and so much more to form a delicious tactical feast. But hark, you no longer need rely upon following Alec's Instagram platesnaps and his Yelp reviews to get a sense of what War of the Chosen is like. The expansion launched overnight and is now out for all with £35 to spare.

Back to Wot Alec Thinks:

"This is XCOM writ so damn large, so wide and wild and all-consuming, that it gets the same intractable hooks into me that XCOM games always have while also taking me to new places, occupying even more parts of my obsessive brain. It's true that it's this ridiculous carnival of ideas and not necessarily complementary themes, and that it would have been better to have a root and branch rethink of the strategy map rather than make it a frenzy of nagging, but despite – maybe even because – of all that, this is the first time than an XCOM or X-COM game can be truly described as an epic.

"Where XCOM 2's campaign could feel like the drawn-out prelude to the foregone conclusion of the climactic fight, this feels like, if you'll excuse the term, a long war. It's a hard-fought bringing together of a rag-tag army of vengeance, with landmark battles and true heroes emerging from the miasma of skirmishes. Sometimes, I shake my head at its absurdity and its noise, but I really cannot get enough of it."

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is £34.99/39,99€/$39.99 on Steam. It does require the base game, which currently has 60% off on sale. The DLC season pass for some other odds and ends is on sale too.

Alec has more to say about War of the Chosen soon, I believe, including a video of him somehow doing a million murders in one eleven-minute turn. Like I said, it adds a lot of new tricks and toys.

For now, hey, have 90 minutes of the dev team playing:

Watch on YouTube

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