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Yakuza 0 relaunches crash-fixing patch

Spend more time with your two dads

Sega have relaunched the first patch for Yakuza 0, aiming to fix several crashes in their delightful dad simulator, after its initial launch last week went a bit wonky. 'Patch 1', as it's snappily titled, first hit last Monday but Sega reverted it within hours after discovering it caused several unintended new bugs. After a week of fixing and testing, here it is again, come to spare us all the anxiety of being separated from our two dads.

Patch 1 is a 113MB download, which Steam should already be automatically slamming into your cyberpipe. The changelist of today's patch is the same as before:

  • Fix for crashes on boot and in cutscenes/gameplay.
  • Fix for crash when using Staminans to gain consecutive Heat abilities during Chapter 10 Fight.
  • Fix for crash in Pocket Circuit mini-game after selecting a rematch with an opponent.

Only now it (hopefully) doesn't have the unpleasant side effects. I no longer have a save file within striking distance of the Pocket Circuit crash I experienced but fingers crossed the patch fixed that too so I crush that lousy child's toy car.

Some players are still reporting problems launching Yakuza 0, mind, while others grumble that sound popping issues aren't fixed. Sega's suggest audio fix still works for some.

Also, players have stepped up to fix some issues like over-enthusiastic level of detail settings by making their own patches. A shame we need players to do that, but bless "Havoc" there for their LodMod. Hopefully Sega will learn from all this and fix up Yakuza 0 - then carry improvements over into Yakuza Kiwami, which they say will follow "soon."

The carcrash aside, I'm still having a grand old time with Yakuza 0. I've not been near a main quest in days, rather happily acting as a surrogate father to entire cities. While many wank on about 'ludonarrative dissonance' in the daddification of video games--that tonal shift when gentle souls turn around and stab strangers in the neck--here is feels perfectly right when the dadly duo will give dadly advice to a tot then seconds later catch a swung sword in their teeth then hurl the blade into a fella. Kiryu will let no man stand in the way of dadly duty and honour, and Majima is a manipulative radge but does like to dream that he could be a decent dude if only... y'see, being a dad is just so nice.

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