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Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom is an N64-style platform collectathon with no jump button

It looks wheelie good

A cute yellow taxi drives across rooftops, collecting coins, in Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom.
Image credit: Panik Arcade

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom already has a descriptive name, but its new trailer omits it in favour of a better encapsulation of its pitch: "You're a N64 taxi and there's no jump button?". The video itself is sixty seconds of pure, colourful joy, and it ends on a release date: April 9th.

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom's release date trailer.Watch on YouTube

The name might suggest that you should expect something like that other big yellow taxi game, Crazy Taxi, but Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom is much more like a platformer, in which you flip, dash and hit ramps and bouncy scenery to toss yourself around colourful, Nintendo 64-style levels to collect coins and treasure.

By "Nintendo 64-style", its Steam page makes clear they're thinking of yer Donkey Kongs and Banjo-Kazooies. "We took 'collectathon' seriously! Make your way to the most obscure and difficult to reach corners of our hand-crafted retro levels and we made sure there's something there for you to collect!"

You'll also meet characters including "Pizza King, Morio and Ultra Chad." Hmm.

Whether I get on with Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom will depend entirely on how its physics feel to control and how difficult its levels are. I can probably find out the answer to both by downloading the demo available from its Steam page right now, but I am enjoying this moment where I can just bask in its bright screenshots and stylish trailer and imagine its everything I want it to be. Maybe I'll just stay blissfully obvlivous like this until its release next month.

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