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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Undersea and oversea after the apocalypse

Admire these attractive and interesting indie games

Punting a boat full of rabbits in a Thawed Waters screenshot.
Image credit: Crystallin Games

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, my eye has been caught by a good deal of wetness, sailing over a post-apocalyptic sea, walking going under a post-Apocalyptic sea, and ogling a waterfall. Check out these interesting indie games and so many more in our latest highlights!

A nice bit of interface in horror investigation game My Work Is Not Yet Done (coming to Steam):

I'm sensing a large Persona influence in the interface for cyberpunk deckbuilder Cyber Cards, and I am okay with that:

I'm an absolute sucker for the movement in cyberpunk first-person shooter Sprawl (coming to Steam):

Setting out for a casual stroll on the sea floor in post-Apocalyptic underwater horror game B.C. Piezophile (coming to Steam):

Meanwhile, above the waves, delivering a cute cargo in post-apocalyptic boat game Thawed Waters (coming to Steam):

Horrible, awful, just dreadful violence in Horrid, a mod for GZDoom:

Big fan of the lively PS1/Dreamcast style to Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom (coming to Steam, with a demo there now):

Retro-styled run 'n' gunner Iron Meat (coming to Steam, with a demo there now) has some of the most over-the-top item crates (I think that's what this functionally is?) I've ever seen:

A nice bit of violence here:

As a fan of parrying projectiles, I appreciate this in Rogue Labyrinth (coming to Steam):

Twitter's rubbish video player might mean you miss the opening push (genuinely, I had to download the video from a third-party site to see the vital opening frames myself), but here's a little shove 'n' swipe in a spin-off from Ghostware:

Though this video of Ecaroh's Universe plays just fine and I still have no idea what it is, and I'm perfectly fine with that:

I don't know what this is either, but I dig the vibe and whoa okay the dev's other games sound all sorts of interesting:

While I don't usually enjoy Death Star sections, this does look pretty in Akimbot, a game which I think is mostly about a robot jumping about but does have spaceship shooter sections:

At a certain point, you'll need to stage an intervention to stop me constantly posting immersive sim Spectra:

Because I can't resist a waterfall either, here, I can't tell if this one in Soulcrest (coming to Kickstarter) is meant to be tragic, erotic, or possibly both:

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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