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I like the look of retro-styled cyberpunk shooter Sprawl

It has wallrunning!

If your first-person shooter is set in a dystopian futurecity and has zippy movement, you need to have fights bouncing and dashing across rooftops. That's just a rule. And thankfully this rule is heeded by Sprawl, an upcoming FPS with inspirations including Ghost In The Shell and Doom Eternal. The devs put out a 15-minute gameplay vid the other day and yes, I will run along these walls and bound across these rooftops and shoot these cyberfaces.

Cover image for YouTube videoSPRAWL - 15 Minutes of Uncut Gameplay (OUTDATED)

It's the future, see, and we're playing an ex-military cyborg who finds herself being hunted by the state's heavily-armed police. Thankfully, she has blood-fuelled implants which let her slip into slow-motion and run along walls too (a contendor for the best thing in video games, don't you know?). And so off she goes, leaping, shooting, stabbing, and generally having what looks like a grand old time.

Retro-styled shooters are hot these days but, perhaps surprisingly for someone endlessly rabbitting on about rocket jumping and Devil Daggers, I don't play many of them. The mix of old and new elements rarely come together in a way that clicks with me; many are too similar to the games I already played plenty of 25 years ago. This, this I am interested in.

No firm word yet on when Sprawl is out, but it has a Steam page to follow and is on Twitter too. It's made by the two-person team of Hannah Crawford and Carlos "Revel" Lizarraga.

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