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Yep, BioWare are still making Dragon Age 4

They're "making progress"

Here we go again. Fighting over scraps of Dragon Age 4 news like corrupted templars desperate to snag the last drop of red lyrium. The last titbits we got were pretty good, to be fair. Those pretty scenes from the EA Play event gave plenty to speculate on for a while. But there's a new tiny morsel of info now, this time coming from BioWare executive producer, Mark Darrah, who took to Twitter to explain that they're working from home and they're "making progress".

I feel like we're all sitting in front of a two-way mirror, hovering hands over the glass, craving a peek at what's behind. BioWare are sat on the other side, watching. "Send the tweet," they say, as we scramble over to a table to attempt to link yet another clue in a sprawling mass of red thread.

But all joking aside, working from home can be really hard. While it's nice to hear the game's development is trucking on, I hope the devs are keeping safe and sane. Dragon Age fans can stay sated on mere screenshots and teaser trailers for years, we can absolutely wait a little longer for more detailed info.

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I will admit I did look at the EA Play teasers for a long while trying to come up with theories about what they showed. So did Alice Bee, and I reckon she might be onto something with her speculation:

"All I'm saying is that if we look at the natural thematic progression of the games in the series – a standard external army of baddies in DA:O, a more complex baddie created by ourselves over time in DA2, and a combination of both in DA:I – I’m going to say that in DA4 the baddie will be literally everything."

Alright, well, that's your monthly reminder that Dragon 4 is indeed being made. Time to start another Inquisition playthrough, I suppose.

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