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You can now try a demo of Resident Evil Village's new third-person mode

Ahead of its release next week

Resident Evil Village's Winters' Expansion includes the Shadow Of Rose DLC, a new story in which Ethan Winters' now-teenage daughter returns to Lady Dimitrescu's castle. It also includes a new third-person mode for the base game, and it's this for which there is now a demo.

That demo was announced as part of this evening's Resident Evil Showcase, a livestream featuring updates on several games in the series including Resident Evil 4 and multiplayer spin-off Re:Verse. Here's the expansion trailer shown during the stream:

Cover image for YouTube videoResident Evil Village Gold Edition - Story Trailer - Winters' Finale

Kento Kinoshita, the expansion's director, explained during the stream that the third-person mode has been added to Village and the DLC because some players get motion sick in first-person, and because some players, like me, find a horror game too scary when it's in first-person.

If you're a queasy wuss and want to see how it feels to play Resident Evil Village in third-person, you can download the new demo from Steam now. It includes 60 minutes from the base game and is playable in third-person or the original first-person.

Katharine's already had a play of the Shadow Of Rose DLC and she had a good/horrifying time returning to Lady D's castle, and a good time doing it in third-person, too. Even if Lady D herself has shrunk a bit since we last saw her.

The Winters' Expansion - which will be sold separately or as part of a new Resident Evil Village Gold Edition - will launch next week on October 28th and will cost £16/€20/$20. You can watch the full Resident Evil Showcase stream below, where the segment about the Winters' Expansion is right at the beginning:

Cover image for YouTube videoResident Evil Showcase | 10.20.2022

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