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You May Recognize SWTOR's Newest Companion

And it'll be terribly awkward for you, because it's not who you think it is. You'll be like, "Hey, HK-47, how's it going?" And HK-51 will be like... well, I don't know what he'll be like, because he's a new character. He and his exceedingly murderous brethren are, however, something of a throwback to cut content from KOTOR 2, so you might not end up totally out of your depth. For now, though, BioWare's prepared a lavish CG trailer, because - and I guess this should've been the headline for the story - gameplay doesn't exist anymore. It disappeared forever while you were asleep. Games are now cobbled together from CG, live-action footage, and meticulously photoshopped still images. You can't actually play them, but you can hit the pause button whenever you want, which offers a truly unprecedented level of choice in how you approach every situation.

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But where have these droids been since The Old Republic was - in the grand scheme of things - negligibly younger? It seems, after all, like a band of robots perfectly calibrated for assassination and dark humor would make a little noise during, you know, a war.

"Buried deep beneath the icy surface of Belsavis rests an army of the deadliest, most feared machines in the known galaxy. Thought to have been lost when an Imperial freighter was destroyed, they have recently been rediscovered by a group of renegade Sith Lords. Now both the Sith Empire and Galactic Republic seek to control these dangerous weapons for themselves. Those who are brave enough to venture into the wreckage will emerge with a powerful new ally."

So that sounds like fun. SWTOR's picked up a pretty bad rap in recent months, but it does seem like BioWare's been tremendously active in supporting it. Are any of you still actively playing it? Are people unfairly counting it out?

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