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Three By Three: You Must Build A Boat

You absolutely must

You Must Build A Boat [official site] is the sequel to 10,000,000, the 14th best puzzle game of all time. 10,000,000 combined match-3 mechanics with a fantasy fighting endless runner and YMBAB adds more layers to the confection, in the form of a monster recruitment system, and the construction and management of the Necessary Vessel. I loved 10,000,000 and the sequel should fix my two main complaints by adding a more meaningful sense of progression and having a title that isn't Google-proof (the title isn't Google-proof - ed). Release date is June 4th and you can see the sea in the trailer below.

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I didn't realise how much I wanted to own a boat full of monsters until I watched Ray Winstone eating a terrified reptile that trailer. I like that the skeleton and zombie are still standing at the forepoop at the end of the video. They are committed crew members.

Hopefully there's plenty of variety in the dungeons. I'm not entirely sure how the game is structured but I assume I'll be matching and battling my way through dungeons to gather resources and crew members for the ship. I say "crew members" but I'm not convinced they're all contributing. Some of them - I'm looking at the snakes in particular - just seem to be along for the ride.

June 4th is the release date and the price will be "$3-5" according to the one-chap development team.

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