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You Only Need The Name: Team Portress

If I had my way, Portal guns would appear in all other games. Far Cry 2, Dragon Age, World Of Goo, Freecell, the lot. And they'd appear in real life. Imagine how great things would be if I had my way. However, if the modding project of one Pawn from 3-PG manages to escape some awkward obstacles, we could soon be seeing a mod that allows the Portal gun in Team Fortress 2. Called, rather wonderfully, Team Portress, the video below explains how the gun works in game, first demonstrating what it's capable of, then showing you the weapon in a proper game. The catch? According to the poster, Valve has recently introduced a ban on custom items being given to players to prevent the anarchic distribution of hats.

Can I once more go on record saying that the hats in TF2 are the stupidest thing ever, that have caused more problems than anyone could ever have imagined for something quite so unimportant.

There is, inevitably, a petition to have Valve's change revoked, to allow this sort of modding to take place. And if you watch the video below, you too might be upset that it's no longer possible to attach entities to players.

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We've contacted Valve to ask them whether they have plans to change the policy to allow items like this to be a feature in TF2. We'll let you know their response.

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