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You Winarium Or You Diearium: Survarium

A new developer diary for Survarium, which is not STALKER 1.5, STALKER 2 or STALKER Online, fails to dispel such notions entirely by referring to anomalies and artifacts at the first possible opportunity. A finely edited montage of horrors explains how the world died this time around and creeping botanical nightmares make even the talking head sections quite unnerving. Then there's explanation of levels, purchases and perks, and the two game modes: team combat and co-op. Then, right at the end, a man with a magnificent beard appears to talk about One More Mode (cue: Daft Punk's One More Time).

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Free play mode in free to play game. Everybody's free (cue: Daft Punk's One More Time).

There are hints of persistence, not only in unlocking new skills and equipment, but also in factions' opinions of a player and the difficulty and 'events' of one co-op mission being altered based on a team's performance in the one before.

I'm happy to accept the game as what it is, and despite flinching whenever I hear or read the words 'free to play' I can't help but feel my curiosity attempting to overpower me. As the embigennable screenshots below show, it looks all ruined and lovely.

All the leaves aren't brown and the sky's not gray (cue: Daft Punk's One More Time).

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