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Your Guide To All The Max Payne 3 Rumours

For months now, the internet has been buzzing with speculation about what secrets forthcoming man-shooting game Max Payne 3 might contain. So very many questions are left to be answered by this third part of the epic, twisting saga of shooting a lot of men in the face in slow motion, and we've had to wait long, agonising years to discover how it all ends. With Max Payne 3's release just months away, RPS has rounded up all the rumours, speculation and script leaks to bring you the definitive guide to Max's fate. Spoilers await.

Max will encounter a man who runs a drugs business.

'Max' is actually short for 'Maxthew.'

At one point, Max will shoot up to 12 men before proceeding to the next area.

Max is actually two men with the same dark past.

Max will wear a toupee in level 9, nominally to go undercover but really because he's become self-conscious about his newly bald head. The toupee will fall off when he dives underneath a table a little too quickly, but fortunately he shoots everyone who sees it in the face so his shame remains secret.

Max will be wounded, but recover. Word on the grapevine is that this will happen up to 1400 times across the course of the game.

Max will dive into a room in slow motion. The room may contain several doors, only one of which can be opened.

Max will find a bigger gun than his existing gun. He will then proceed to fire this gun into another man's face. Occasionally, he will miss and fire it into his opponent's torso instead.

The final level takes place in Atlantis.

In the concluding cinematic, Max will have a moment of terrible realisation and lay down his guns. The final line, before a fade to black to the sound of weeping, is rumoured to be "So much death. I killed so very many men. And I didn't attempt to speak to even a single one of them first. I don't know why I did that. What's wrong with me? They might have just waved me through, or apologised for the misunderstanding and we could have gone for a beer and compared scars. I could have had friends. So many. Instead, I'm alone. So horribly alone. If I hadn't already shaved my head, I'd shave my head right now and move to a monastery."

The shooting will be quite good.

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