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You've got one day left to buy the Stand With Ukraine Humble Bundle

It's raised over £12 million for humanitarian relief efforts

About a week ago, Humble Bundle put together the Stand With Ukraine Bundle to raise money for humanitarian relief efforts in Ukraine. For £30.58, you can get almost a hundred games, and some books and software too. It's great value, but there's only one day left to buy it, so you should probably get a move on.

As of today, the bundle's raised over £12 million pounds to help victims and refugees from the war in Ukraine, which is an amazing achievement. All of the proceeds are being split between four organisations providing relief efforts: Razom for Ukraine, International Rescue Committee, International Medical Corps, and Direct Relief.

A couple of new additions have been added since the bundle was first announced, including Iron Danger and Ryse: Son Of Rome. Right now you can get 125 items in total for buying it.

There are so many good games here: Spyro Reignited Trilogy, Max Payne 3, Back 4 Blood, Metro Exodus, Ring of Pain, Supraland, SUPERHOT, Skullgirls, Sunset Overdrive, Kerbal Space Program, and plenty more worth checking out. I recommend giving Pawnbarian a shot — it's a simple twist on chess with roguelike deckbuilding thrown in. Brendan called it "a wee puzzle board of joy" in his coverage of the smaller online version a few years ago.

In our original coverage of the bundle, Alice recommended checking out Slay The Spire and Post Void, which I'm also going to vouch for, they're both extremely good. The comments of the original post are worth a read too, as they're filled with tons of further suggestions of what to play.

Last week, another bundle fundraising money ended. The itch.io Bundle For Ukraine raised over $6,370,357.20 for charities supporting Ukraine, and included almost 600 games provided by 736 different creators.

The Stand With Ukraine Bundle is still on sale and ends on the 25th of March, at 6pm. That's tomorrow!

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