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First footage of Yume Nikki follow-up Dream Diary

we can not wake up

Cult indie horror game Yume Nikki arrived on Steam this week and, more than a decade after its original release, we saw signs that the dream saga might continue. Yume Nikki is free and if you're at all interested in wandering through subtle and not-so-subtle nightmare realms while trying to decipher their strange logic, you should play it!

A countdown site suggested we'd find out more about the new project in a couple of weeks, and now, with twelve days still to go, we have our first hints about what comes next. Dream Diary appears to be the title and the only other text says: "We can not wake up". Oh no. I'm fairly sure there are no spoilers here because...well, you'll see.

Watch on YouTube

That's precisely what I want from a Yume Nikki trailer. I have no doubt that internet sleuths will start to decipher it but I'm happy just to be along for the lights and the colours and the creepy sounds. Freeze during the static burst near the beginning and you'll see what looks to me like a familiar face though. It's the hair that gives it away.


Right now, we have no idea if this is a sequel in a similar style to the original, RPGMaker and all, or something else entirely. But all will be revealed in twelve days. Either that or we'll just have a three hour version of this video and that's fine by me.

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