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Zachtronics wargame Möbius Front '83 has multiplayer now

And they've added a new faction, the Soviet Army

Möbius Front '83 is a wargame set in the mid-eighties in a world where the USA must defend itself from an America from an alternate timeline - which weirdly sounds a bit like the plot to 2021 so far. But, if you're tired of fighting America as America, you're in luck. Today, Zachtronics added multiplayer so you can battle your pals as the Soviet Army now.

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The game is a tactical turn-based military romp where you move infantry around to control a battlefield, with a sprinkling of "Zachtronics-style" puzzles to play in between fights. Now, this new update adds a multiplayer mode which lets you play one-off skirmish missions against AI or your Steam friends.

You can play as either the normal timeline Americans or alternate universe Americans, - though if you want to be the latter you'll need to complete the single-player campaign first. So, to give players another option, the devs have added a new Soviet Army faction too.

This new faction has 20 units, including: "the T-72 Ural (an old tank but cheap tank that can be used to overwhelm your opponent), the paratrooper team (which can deploy directly to any open hex on your side of the map), and the BM-21 Grad (which launches four artillery attacks at a target in a single turn)."

Zachtronics seem to be going all-in on the multiplayer at the moment. Just last week they released Nerts! Online, a free multiplayer solitaire game you can play alone or with your Steam pals.

If you fancy having a go of Möbius Front '83, find it on Steam for £16/€17/$20. Check out the update details for yourself right here.

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