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Zelda Total War Mod Hits 3.0, Unleashes Amazing Trailer

Nothing is sacred in Hyrule: Total War. Nothing. I mean, for one, the genre's not action/adventure, which is a change of pace for Nintendo's elven master of blades and obscure wind instruments. But also, the Medieval II: Total War mod seems poised to run amok like a bull in a holy grail shop. The still-unfinished project (newly on version 3.0) has put out a new trailer that depicts all kinds of series blasphemy. Presumably dead Link. Presumably dead Zelda. Ganondorf and the chain chomp dog from Link's Awakening delightedly playing fetch together in a daisy field. With Link's severed eyeball. OK, maybe that last one isn't true, but the new trailer is full of crazy wonderment, and you can find it below.

The latest version contains 19 factions (Zora! Gorons! Lizard people!), a campaign, much-requested custom settlements, and a four-mission campaign rooted in Nintendo's official Hyrule Historia collection.

It looks like quite the project, too. Sure, bonkers battle size is nothing new for Total War or mods based on it, but this sort of absurdly epic fantasy scale is. Maybe it doesn't entirely feel like the sort of world Nintendo's tried to depict with Zelda, but a fresh pair of eyes overseeing the proceedings is never a bad thing. And really, so long as Link never speaks actual words, I'm fine.

Still no word on when the final version of the mod will be out, but it already looks like quite a meaty offering at this stage in the game. Has anyone tried it out recently? Does it rule highly and war totally?

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