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Zero Zero Zero: 999 And Virtue's Last Reward On PC

Prepare to die

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is "a fitting end to the trilogy's story arc and – animation aside – it's an excellent way to spend a few evenings," is Wot Kate Gray Thought of the gruesome escape room visual novel. Which made it jolly weird that this is actually the first game of the trilogy to receive a PC release, and this is very much a game best enjoyed at the end of a series. You big sillies, Spike Chunsoft.

Well, after a wee hint, the developers have announced that yes, the original Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is coming to PC together with sequel Virtue's Last Reward.

The Zero Escape games, to briefly recap, are a smooshing-together of visual novel and murderlicious escape rooms. Nine people find themselves kidnapped and held in a strange facility, solving deadly puzzles to try and survive. Oh me oh my, many folks die.

999 was released for the Nintendo DS handheld in 2009 so yes, Spike Chunsoft are fancying it up a bit for this new release. They say it boasts "hi-res graphics and a variety of new features including both Japanese and English voice acting!" It sounds like Virtue's Last Reward, released on 3DS and Vita in 2012, will basically be the same.

The two will be released together as Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, hitting Steam in 2017 by the end of March. It will launch simultaneously with the PlayThing release. If you've been interested in the series, do hold out and resist playing Virtue's Last Reward until after these.

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