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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma Released On PC

Shock! Horror!

Say, do you like life-or-death decisions, puzzles, room escapes, and murderous scenarios which force you into all of the aforementioned? If so, do have a look at Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma [official site]. The third and final game in the horror trilogy started by Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors has launched on PC - only two days after the Vita and 3DS releases. Publishers Spike Chunsoft have been releasing more games rounds our way lately, such as Danganronpa, but a near-simultaneous launch is a rare treat. Well, as much as any horrific scenario can be a treat.

Nine people wake up trapped in a strange underground facility with weird black bracelets and told six of them must die if they're to get the passwords they need to escape. They're drugged, memory-wiped, and generally mucked around, then put through challenges and murdergames with awful decisions. Happy days! It's split into ninety-minute sections but the memory loss means it's not clear in which order events happen. Oh, and of course there are multiple endings.

Given the setup and the characters' general surprise at all these murdergames, it's hopefully not too much of a problem to come into this without playing the first two games - which aren't yet on PC. Any 3DSfolk or Viteers out there have thoughts on that?

Developers Chime had help from Danganronpa porters Abstraction Games for the PC version, and it offers these options for prettiness (I know y'all go wild for options menus). As for languages, it looks saves are locked to either English or Japanese as their main language once you start, but you can still swap between English and Japanese voices on the fly.

Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma is £29.99/36,99€/$39.99 for Windows on Steam. Spike Chunsoft had planned to offer pre-order bonuses of a mini soundtrack and a virtual booklet of illustrations and design commentary but, er, it seems they didnt enable pre-ordering. So instead, they've made both of those free to folks who buy the game by July 8th.

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Spike Chunsoft's roguelikelike Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics will be their next PC release, coming to Steam this summer.

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