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Undead Lemmings: Zombie Night Terror

Devour the world, with power-ups

The problem was never zombies. It was games unimaginative enough that they just threw zombies in. It was games with a skeleton of an idea, papered over with the sun-dried skin of the dead. Poor old zombies, having long-since bitten off their own tongues, couldn't make a case against ho-hum game design. Bless 'em. But there's hope for them yet. Here, look at Zombie Night Terror, a game that's aiming to be the Lemmings of flesh-eating. Its bendy pixel zombies are animated so charmingly, gosh, you'll be glad to see the undead again.

Zombie Night Terror will have players trying to devour every last morsel of living human flesh by creating and leading a zombie horde. You'll start with one zombie then need to use Lemmings-y puzzle-solving and special powers to overcome those tricky living folk with their dang traps, weapons, and wiles. Big zombies! Sneaky zombies! Hordes of zombies! And what zombies they are! Look at their delightful floppiness, their teetering gait, their gaping mouths, their bendy limbs which snap into horrible violence when a meal's near. Cracking animation, that.

It's lurching towards an early access release on Windows and Mac later this year, or that's the plan. You can follow development on its TIGForums thread. Look at this cool party:

And look how sweet this hungry horde is:

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