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Zoom Zoom Zoombies: DayZ In Arma 3

Dean "Rocket" Hall has no plans to port DayZ into Arma 3's shiny new MAXIMUM GRAPHICSABILITYROCKABILLY engine, but fans? Well, they're free to do as they please. And so, the Zoombies mod was born. It is, for all intents and purposes, the DayZ Arma 2 mod transferred directly into Arma 3. Same models, weapons, and systems, but with lots of sleek, seductive makeup for the zombies and glorious goodies like a streamlined inventory. Sounds like quite the thing, huh? It's not quite DayZ Standalone, but bravo nonetheless.

The mod's actually been around for a little while, but it still shares many of vanilla DayZ's sticking points. PCG points out that guns feel weightier and a few additions to your movement arsenal make moment-to-moment zombo-creeping feel much better, but many creaky animations are still exactly the same - as are some glitches. Also, for better or worse, zombies apparently have trouble with Arma 3's new physics engine, so they sometimes randomly face-plant into a pile of unquenched brain lust. The poor things.

Installation requires Arma 2, Operation Arrowhead, and Arma 3, so it takes some doing. Also, Bohemia's updates have been known to break the mod, so if you're in the neighborhood for reliable entertainment, you might want to look elsewhere. Further, it's worth noting that a very small team is working on Zoombies, so progress has been understandably sporadic.

Warts or not, however, Zoombies still sounds pretty intriguing. Has anyone in the knowledge-devouring, opinion moaning RPS shamble horde given it a try? Is it worth all the fuss?

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