We Have 3000 Magicka: Wizard Wars Beta Keys To Giveaway

By Graham Smith on May 9th, 2014 at 3:00 pm.

Magicka was a chaotic top-down RPG about calamitous co-operative wizards kersplatting their friends with elemental lasers. Magicka: Wizard Wars hands the development reigns to Paradox North, simplifies the original’s cookbook of destructive spells, and switches from co-op singleplayer to multiplayer-only team deathmatch. In doing so, its Early Access alpha has hooked both Adam and Jim.

The game is entering open beta on May 27th, which means come the end of the month you’ll be able to play for free without having to first buy one of its microtransactional starter packs. Or, if you’re very nice, you can play now, because we’ve got 3000 beta keys to giveaway down below.

Here’s what Jim said about it when he played it late last year:

You can stack up spell elements on yourself for immediate casting, but you slow yourself down. Not doing so means you need to be quick on the keys, of course, but you will want to be anyway: you need to heal yourself in a tight spot, or put yourself out if you’re on fire. Knowing when to throw down defences and retreat, and when you can leave your team on their own, are things which will only emerge as you play, but those continuous decisions, and that constant feeling of crisis juggling, makes this a gorgeous experience.

While Adam called it “David Cronenberg’s Tom and Jerry.” I haven’t played Wizard Wars, but I did like the QWOP-like clumsiness of typing out tactical magic in the original.

Interested? Or just compulsively hoard free things? Enter your email address in the box below. The key is dispensed via godankey.com, which will not use your email address for anything naughty.

It’s a Steam key, but if you’re not familiar with the process of redeeming those:

1: Go to: http://store.steampowered.com/
2. Click Register to create an account, or login if you already have an existing account
3. Start Steam client (download the Steam client if you did not have an existing account)
4: Click “Games” in the main menu
5: Select “Activate a product on steam” and enter code. The game is now added.

And to round it off, here’s a trailer of the game’s Duel Mode:

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  1. Tacroy says:

    I didn’t realize it, but apparently I’ve been in the Wizard Wars beta all along.

    So uh if you’ve bought a copy of Magicka on Steam check your library before getting a key.

  2. Craphex says:


    No key and no email yet.

  3. Frank says:

    Yup, totally doing this because of compulsive hoarding.

  4. Stormvloed says:

    Ohh this is annoying: part of me is screaming “free game!”, while the other part is complaining that I won’t play it anyway since there’s no linux version.

  5. dE says:

    Oddly enough this is in my Library and I have no bloody idea how it got there. Doesn’t show up in my Store Transaction List either, so it’s no Bundle Leftover I didn’t notice. What the hell?

  6. North_Wolf says:

    Same here, I own the original Magicka. Maybe thats enough

    Edit: Both me and my wife got keys and both have they game already (according to steam).


    If someone wants a code and missed it, try sending me a message on the RPS forum and I´ll give them away.

    Edit: Both codes given out now.

  7. Cockie says:


  8. youhavemyaxe says:

    I only see


    • McGuit says:

      I ran into the same thing…..


      • North_Wolf says:

        I still have one of those two keys (me and wife), message me (same nick name) on rps forum and I´ll hand it over.

        Edit: Both codes given out now.

  9. ezokewn says:

    Looks like its already over =(

  10. ravencheek says:

    Is… Is it over?
    An update on this might be nice.

  11. derbefrier says:

    Got an email with to get in yesterday which came with a friend key. Since I know my friends wont bother with this I’ll give it to the internet. QDKQJ-9ALI9-9Z4KA


    • Gilead says:

      The Internet thanks you for your generosity. Although since the Internet is a kind of loose, abstract thing, I’ll probably be the one playing.

  12. ezokewn says:

    Anyone have a spare key?

    • Meldreth says:

      Yes : WA7V8-2Z0P8-59GIM

      • youhavemyaxe says:

        I greedily tried this key, was disappointed when Steam informed me the key was claimed. Somehow the game is now installing, thanks!

  13. Teraz says:

    There will be more keys or is it all?

  14. yaired says:

    i need a key and i missed it anyone have a spare key ? and wiil they refill the keys ?

  15. poozaza1 says:

    There will be more keys or is it all?