Conan Update: “Epic And Memorable”

The other big MMOs aren’t taking Lich King fever lying down. Age Of Conan game director Craig Morrison has said that the latest free update for the MMO, which has just gone live, contains “one of the most epic and memorable monster encounters ever created for the game.” The new expansion, Ymir’s Pass, contains a new tract of land to explore, new quests, monsters and a storyline.

The dungeon Morrison is talking about is one of three high level dungeons due to be unveiled for folks who have stuck with the MMO and got past level 50. CVG have all the details and some spectacular screenshots. Trailer after the jump.


  1. Mara says:

    Those new areas actually look rather bland and empty. Where are the details?

  2. Bobsy says:

    “one of the most epic and memorable monster encounters ever created for the game.”

    What, EVER? That’s a pretty bold claim by anyone’s standards, but at a time when no-one’s playing your game because they’re all back on WoW, it’s quite rich to say that your great big naked guy is going to be more memorable. You can only remember things that you do.

  3. Mitza says:

    “ever created for the game”

    I’m rooting for them, I would really love to see this game evolve and survive.

  4. Zyrusticae says:

    From what I’ve seen of player feedback, it really isn’t an exaggeration that it’s one of the most epic and memorable encounters in the game.

    Still waiting for that DX10 patch, though…

  5. garren says:

    any spoiler-free hints what kind of memorable encounter this is? :)

  6. shon says:

    I like the idea of freeing something monstrous and gigantic for once instead of hacking at it’s big toe until it died.

    I had forgotten about this MMO. What’s everyone’s opinion of it?

  7. danielcardigan says:

    “for folks who have stuck with the MMO and got past level 50”

    Ah, people who played for more than two weeks then.

    I gave up two weeks into my second month, playing weekends mainly and having reached level 57 or 58 I think.

    So much I like about it, so much more that pissed me off.

  8. Bobsy says:

    Well… that’ll teach me to be excited. Of course, I read it as “ever created for a game”. Doh!

  9. Tei says:

    fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me!

    I will not touch AoC with a 20 m long pole.

    In a related note, here is a short article about artist, con-artist:
    link to

  10. Brian says:

    The add-on is pretty memorable, alright. As can be expected it’s currently flooded with lookie-loos, and as such there is a hell of a lot of lag and network hiccups that make the whole experience rather an ordeal. Also, I’ve seen reams of PCs soloing, all with a certain quest NPC in tow; there’s dozens of this one poor shlub following every toon in the area.

    The strangest thing of all is that this new area has quests and content for characters 55-63, yet I felt no lack of quests during those levels.

    All this being said, like all the other areas in this game, the scenery is gorgeous and the quest dialogue is better-written and more engaging than in any other MMO I’ve played. It makes a big difference in my motivation when I feel there’s a good reason for me to be killing 30 quillrats, or whatever. Not that I feel empathy for these NPCs, but I really am interested to read their text, which is something I can’t say about any other MMO thus far.

  11. Harlequin says:

    “one of the most epic and memorable monster encounters ever created for the game.”

    Now there’s a highly subjective statement if I ever heard one.

    This game is an atrocity. One of the worst games I’ve ever played. It looks pretty…that’s about the only thing I’ll give it. Oh, and the combat animations were quite well done.

    In my opinion they have much bigger fish to fry than just the creation of a “memorable” experience.

  12. Raff says:

    It’s a very nice playfield and a nice dungeon, well worth coming back for if you left before reaching ~L60. Not much use to us who are/were still playing though, at L80.

    I’ve been playing since launch with only one month away and I’m taking a break until the new L80 dungeons arrive at least.

    It’s a very very very nice game and runs rock solid now. It’s a tremendous shame that it was released too early with so much catching up to do before more much-needed endgame stuff could be put in. The current roadmap is very positive, unlike with the previous director.

    I’m sticking with it though because, whatever the difficulties, nothing compares whatsoever.

  13. sindre says:

    bah, i’m tired of all the people bashing this game. And I am certain there will be more bashing in future comments.

  14. Novotny says:

    Has it got better? I played solidly for two months after release and then meh’d.

  15. h4plo says:

    I really would love to play this game, but .. I’m not blowing 50$ when there really should be a trial for it by now.

  16. Brian English says:

    i agree. i may try it if there was a trial but theres not so nopes.

  17. Scott B says:

    Newsflash for FUNCON, too little and too late.

  18. Michael Pearson says:

    Give me a free weekend and I’ll come back. In a few months. Once I’m bored of Fallout, Far Cry, Lich King (not a big raider), Mines of Moria.

    Did they fix the weird graphics slowdowns? A 8800GT should not be doing <20fps in a boring city area but 40+fps near a lovely mountainside…

  19. Zyrusticae says:

    I wonder what all these people calling them ‘FUNCON’ would’ve said if they played during the release of Anarchy Online.

    I also wonder how many of these people were also there for the release of Anarchy Online and made the mistake of playing at launch a second time.

    Hey, nobody said you had to buy the game immediately first thing it was released, especially from a company that has the precedent one of the worst MMORPG launches ever. But I guess it’s human nature to go for the shiny new thing first chance they get…

    That said, this game is not a freakin’ atrocity. Aside from the incompleteness, the game is the best MMORPG I’ve ever played, and as I’ve said before, I’ve also played Everquest, Everquest 2, WoW, SWG, Eve, CoV, and Vanguard. I think, or at least, I hope, I know what I’m talking about here. Yes, the launch was a travesty. So was the launch of Anarchy Online. I know, some of you expected them to learn from their mistake the first time, but the sad truth is that, well, that happens less often than you’d think. But after all the launch bugginess was fixed and content added, the game’s really become quite solid.

    It’s got great graphics, combat that isn’t horribly repetitive like every other MMORPG on the market, a variety of interesting quests with writing that’s above the par of other MMORPGs, lots and lots of violence (and references to sex), and a great low-fantasy setting that’s entirely unique to this particular game. I like it. I like it plenty. I really don’t appreciate it being called an atrocity, unless you also use that term to describe most of the other MMORPGs on the market. And then your standards are just ridiculously high anyways, so why bother telling anyone else?

    …That said, they desperately need to introduce a trial. Even if they merge the servers, they’re still going to need an influx of new blood, after all…

  20. Scott B says:

    Anarchy Online’s launch is totally irrelevant, unless you want to prove that you’re accomplished at paying for garbage.

  21. Zyrusticae says:

    I’m saying it was a precedent they set, and that people should have been wary of playing a game at launch made by a company that’s known for the worst MMORPG launch ever.

    Or are you saying a company’s development history is entirely irrelevant?

  22. Davee says:

    I liked AoC. And I’m planning on going back soon.
    The reason I’m not playing right now is what others have already said – not finished, buggy, missing content – and that is true. But it’s still one of the best MMOs I’ve played so far and I really hope that Funcom (note: ‘m’) will get it back on it’s feet and make it survive – because if it does I’m sure it will be a greater game…
    Sure, I only made it to something around lvl 55 with one character, but this game is so much more than levels and items to me.
    Unlike other MMOs iv’e played it had some really nice storylines (well, the main story wasn’t that great accually, but the others were), interesting characters (it was accually fun to talk and listen to them!) and the most beautiful music and eye-candy in an MMO ever in my opinion. There were times I just pressed the ‘Toggle walk/run’ -key when sitting on my fine brown horse, riding down a valley in the Cimmerian mountains and just looked at the beautiful scenery and listened to the music, sensing the awesome atmosphere. Until some power-leveling dude came jumping past me, killing animals on-the-fly just for the XP.
    Oh well, that’s atleast what I liked (and the reason I think many others don’t) about AoC – it was more than finding a new sword or reaching a new level. It had ‘immersion’.

  23. h4plo says:

    I’m not sure that it’s terribly relevant to compare the launch seven years ago to one today – every game released in that timeframe had a pretty abysmal launch. I’d argue that those games were a great deal more experimental at the time as well, with EQ being the only major commercial success, and the game being released in an unfinished state was probably more due to publishers demanding release than Funcom wanting to try and sell a somewhat broken game.

  24. Hmm-hmm says:

    So, yes, it’s pretty. It has atmosphere. But wasn’t it the bugginess and gameplay that were lacking at launch? Aside from the PvE content showcased here, has AoC improved a bit?