Microprose Now Making Special Forces: Team X

Ah, you couldn’t make this stuff up: Microprose, which was resurrected and attached to bunch of obscure console games in the past couple of years, has been assigned to make a game in conjunction with Zombie Studios. No, really, that is an actual thing that is happening. Anyway, the famed old undead name is now going to appear with third-person tactical shooter Special Forces: Team X, which was first announced last year. The game might just be interesting, what with it supporting “asymmetric game play with 2-4 teams”and also having dogs in. Yep, player dogs. And player-customisable maps as part of gameplay. Intriguing? Video below.


  1. MuscleHorse says:

    I need more details. Which breeds? Coat length/types? Collar customization? Variable wagging speeds?

  2. Njordsk says:

    Border-fortress much?

  3. Richie Shoemaker says:

    I have happy memories of Seal Team from Microprose, but this young pup doesn’t interest me at all.

    • tigershuffle says:

      Yeah Microprose is all about the giant boxes and playing M1 Tank Platoon etc on Amiga

      trading on a name that resonates with over 40s but this games looks a bit …..derivative

  4. John Mirra says:

    Titles of tactical shooters definitely lack of specialty.

  5. Stevostin says:

    “third-person tactical shooter”

    I am out.

    • JackShandy says:

      X-Com is a third person tactical shooter. So is Jagged alliance.

      • unimural says:

        Resident pedant incoming. Calling a game a shooter (of any person) implies the game involves direct control of the movement and actions of an avatar. X-Com and Jagged Alliance are not tactical shooters. The SOCOM console games are third person tactical shooters. I suppose Spec Ops The Line might be as well, I haven’t played it yet.

        Ufo and Jagged Alliance are called many things, tactical role playing games, strategy games etc. I suppose they aren’t common enough to have earned a convenient specific genre name of their own. Tactical squad based turn based combat, perhaps :p

    • sinister agent says:

      SWAT 4 called. Well actually it snuck up behind me and screamed in my ear until I soiled myself, but still.

  6. Zarunil says:

    They just threw away a golden opportunity to name it Special Forces: Team Xtreme. Or eXtreme. Or Xtreem, though the latter might be a tad too modern and I’m not sure consumers are quite ready for it yet.

    Sales will suffer.

  7. somnolentsurfer says:

    Microprose? Just followed that link. Presumably Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure comes with a manual the size of a doorstep, with scientifically labelled anatomical diagrams and detailed exercise programmes?

    • Owen Faraday says:

      Giving Microprose the Weekend at Bernie’s treatment so it can pump out dreck like this is just a touch less cynical than that Black Isle reanimation fracas from late last year.

      • somnolentsurfer says:

        Classier yet, “Girl Fight”, on their full line up page. not many details, but what a way to relaunch a brand.

        Perhaps they’re fighting in F-15s.

  8. Engonge says:

    I also followed the link to microprose,that game lineup gave me a terminal disease.

  9. G_Man_007 says:

    Yeah, thought Microprose/Atari was dead. Again.

  10. Noburu says:

    Its only Microprose in name. Shame they have to use that name and tarnish my fond childhood memories of Master of Magic. MoM is still to this day one of my most played games ever.

    • Arglebargle says:

      Technically, Simtex. The robot voices in Master of Orion 2 were created using the Roland vocoder I sold to the sound guy for Simtex/Microprose. True Story!

  11. RedViv says:

    Special Force Team X Radical Killer Guys Guns Go!

  12. killuminati says:

    So.. is it a TDS??
    Third Dog Shooter??
    The first? The first TDS??

  13. Shooop says:

    Now I’m glad Atari’s going bankrupt. Anyone who greenlights this crap needs to be punished.

  14. zetchy says:

    Not sure if you guys noticed this, but they developed war inc… which means they developed the War Z…………….

  15. sinister agent says:

    Hm. Poor choice of name, suspicious cash-in attempt on a famous old name, sort of vague on the important details of the game… but it looks like they’re trying to give it a little novelty and focus on silly fun, which is a nice change from po-faced grimdark warsoldier stuff.

    I have fairly substantial doubts, but I’m hoping this could turn out to be a fun wee thing.

  16. Otter says:

    I would dearly love to role-play as a war dog. Imagine the skill tree!

  17. Warduke says:

    I may give this a try, despite that trailer. Man that music made me nauseous.

  18. Andrew says:

    This is a spoof, right?

  19. Engonge says:

    Also I am the only guy in the world who bought and enjoyed x-com : interceptor and wrote a letter to them titled “OMGZ!Do moar of theez!”

    You owe me big time Microprose, I gave you the much needed confidence boost to move on.