Have A Slice: Torchlight II Carves Out A Free Weekend


Have you recently suspected that you’re living an Inferior Life? You might not be wrong. Thousands of people are diagnosed with Inferior Life Syndrome every day, and to hear forums, gaming sites, and Internet comment threads – all of which are made up 100 percent of doctors – tell it, it’s probably because those people aren’t playing the right games. There’s plenty of science to back up these allegations, too. I mean, have you honestly not played Torchlight II? Seriously? Many Web MDs (and probably also WebMD) would declare you legally dead on the spot. Fortunately, Steam is here to help. Runic’s furiously fun hack ‘n’ slash is free all weekend.

Torchlight II will remain completely free to play until Sunday at 1 PM Pacific time. However, if you decide that you can’t stand to part ways with it after a sensual weekend on the beach together (or wherever you play your games), then you’ll have the option of getting it at 75 percent off its full price until Monday.

We smacked John with sticks until he exploded into a twisted confetti wreck of words about it. Here are some of those words. “There was a chance to innovate a lot more here, and while I don’t think for a moment that anyone buying this would be the least bit disappointed in any of it, it would still have been nice to see a significant step forward here. But you can’t take much away from ‘pretty much perfect’. Torchlight 2 is a stunning game, as engrossing and evening-eating as you could hope, all so wonderfully presented. It’s smart, witty, and pretty, and it stands as a shining example of the genre.”

You should probably try it. It’s got Steam Workshop support too, so tinker away to your heart’s content. Here, look: owl colors! Can life get any better?


  1. waaaaaaaals says:

    These pair always need linking, they’re “unofficial” additional map variety mods by two of the developers.

    link to steamcommunity.com
    link to steamcommunity.com

    • subedii says:

      Groovy. You know I’ve always played “Vanilla” TL2, is there plenty of a community playing modded?

      • quietone says:

        Get Synergies mod. Now. Or else.

      • QuietusWolf says:

        Yeah, get the SynergiesMOD. Playing with that on Veteran is the most rewarding gameplay I’ve had with Torchlight 2. Also, get Xev’s Pets.

    • AngoraFish says:

      Thank you muchly. Would never have discovered these otherwise.

  2. SkittleDiddler says:

    Rumor has it the devs place special drops throughout the game during free weekends. Don’t know if that’s true, but if it is it’s pretty cool.

  3. Oathbreaker says:

    You should play this. On Hardcore solo with a increased stash size mod and a respec potion mod and with as many UI elements turned off as you care, if you please.

    Tons of fun. Way better than D3.

  4. gravity_spoon says:

    For those who do not somehow plays the Synergies mod (dunno why you would do that), try Attack Gorrila’s Monster pack and be happy. Also, there is a modder called N3KIO who has made like 2 dozen separate classes including playable bosses with full skill trees. Check that out too.

    • Hallgrim says:

      Do either of these improve the skill progression? I found the skill progression of vanilla TL2 to be grindy and halting,

      • QuietusWolf says:

        The SynergiesMOD alters the skill progression; “-Reworked Skill unlock Rate, they unlock at a earlier rate, but take longer to progress between points, ending at or above vanilla standards.”

  5. Vinraith says:

    The lack of expansion content for this game completely confounds me. A friend and I played through it twice and greatly enjoyed it, but there’s little reason to go back without something new to see.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      They haven’t finished a promised Mac version either. I’m not really sure what Runic are up to these days, since their MMO was scrapped.

      • Vinraith says:

        Yeah, the total silence is weird. If they put out some expansion content I’d cheerfully preorder it.

  6. mukuste says:

    A recent Path of Exile binge has kind of satiated any ARPG desires I might have for another year or two, so… skipping this.

    • jon_hill987 says:

      I think PoE is the better game as well, the idea of having skills on Gems and only passives on your skill tree works really well and makes for a less restrictive game (though no doubt someone has still gone and found optimal builds for each class).

    • malkav11 says:

      I think Torchlight II and Path of Exile address a somewhat orthogonal spread of ARPG-ry, since TL2’s a pretty traditional entry with a great deal of polish and of course built-in mod support, whereas Path of Exile makes some pretty radical alterations to the formula. But I suppose there’s only so much clicking to do in the day.

      Personally, I’ve gone gaga lately for Marvel Heroes, which has undergone such an amazing makeover since the bad old beta days (and they were bad, no question) that I can hardly believe it. I wish RPS would take another look – the last mention of the game was a good seven months ago and there have been huge, nay, seismic changes since then including a completely revamped business model that makes acquiring heroes for free much more reliable and accessible (and prices lower in general, though still in my opinion a tad steep – still, you can see how much work gets put into each hero so it’s probably fair), a wider and more exciting selection of starter characters, the addition of several characters the article complained about not being present (Loki, two of the four Fantastic Four members with a third on the way this year), overhauls of several core systems, additional content throughout, and so on. And you certainly see far fewer clones wandering around unless Loki goes by (he has a tree of illusion powers and is typically accompanied by five or six of himself), though you may still occasionally run across a pair of some particular character or another person playing the one you are. Personally, when a friend of mine and I both got Thor, it was clear that we needed to be a Divine Duo and we have been playing dual Thors ever since. But that’s just because we are easily amused.

      I don’t think it’s likely to ever be as deep in build possibilities or ladder/competitive elements as Path of Exile, but I’m entirely okay with that, myself. I like spectacular combat (Marvel Heroes has this down cold), varied characters (I have five at this point, not one of which plays the same as another, and I can rely on this being true for the dozens more still to go), and loot that does more than make numbers go up (MH gear gives skill bonuses or straight up grants skills you haven’t yet unlocked, and has a variety of procs and special effects on certain classes of equipment). And frankly, there’s a certain gotta-catch-em-all collector’s lure to it that I don’t usually feel in ARPGs, because at best you’re looking for rare drop set items or the like and neither loot nor long-odds lotteries do much to hook me. With Marvel Heroes, I can guarantee I will eventually get that character I have my sights on. Of course, in the meantime they’ll have introduced more…

      That said, one of these days I really ought to get back to Torchlight II. I did love my first couple of runs on that game and the SynergiesMOD was a thing of wonder even back then, without the mod tools or Steam Workshop integration. I’m sure it’s come a long way since then.

  7. Lord Of Winterfell says:

    Synergies Mod makes this game absolutely awesome. If you are going to play it that should be the first thing you download. Aside from the added difficulty,monsters, and bosses the endgame content, leveling dungeons, new classes (necromancer and warlock are sick) and raids really make this game way better and add a lot of replay value. All I need now are more people to play it with.

  8. ladyhaly says:

    So… I went off and got this expecting it to only occupy me for about 6 to 8 hours and boy was I wrong. The dungeons are HUGE! I’m playing this on vanilla first but after I’m done going the vanilla way, I’ll definitely look for mods to replay the game and experience it on a different angle.