Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut Emerging In October

After releasing Wasteland 2 [official site] last September (it was pretty good, said we with a few grumbles), developers inXile Entertainment set about polishing it up. That was partially for a console release, but also to make it fancier for us all.

Coming as a free update to owners of Wasteland 2, The Director’s Cut brings improved graphics, new character perks and quirks, a rebalancing, and other nice things. inXile have now declared a release date, a little later than their planned summer launch, but not too far away: October 13th.

The Director’s Cut upgrades to Unity 5, which it taps for fancier lighting, also boshing in redone character models and updated environment textures. They’ve added extra voiced lines for companions too. It’s not all cosmetics, mind. Characters can have Quirks that give both positive and negative effects and add a little personality (say, someone with Repressed Rage who can’t get critical hits until they’re hit by one themself, at which point they get a damage boost), and pick new beneficial Perks as they level up. They’ve also added Precision Strikes, which let you target individual bodyparts for different effects. Some of that will sound familiar from Fallout games, which inXile members of course worked on.

I’ve probably reeled off enough of that. Have a trailer from June:


  1. Rummy says:

    Was it pretty good? I found it humourless, frustrating and ugly. I have tried a few times to get past those points to try and see what made others enjoy it, but I find myself just wanting to play Fallout 2 yet again.

    • UncleLou says:

      Ugly, yes, but humourless? If one game nailed the tone of the old Wasteland/Fallout games, it was this, imo. Much more so than Fallout 3 or New Vegas.

      Now Pillars of Eternity, though, THAT’s a humourless game.

  2. Carlos Danger says:

    They changed movement in-combat ever? That was the deal breaker for me. I remember watching a NPC run from off screen past 2-3 of my guys to melee one of my guys in the back of the pack.

    • suibhne says:

      The combat system doesn’t have automatic OAs (opportunity attacks), but you can prep ambushes. It sounds like you chose not to do so. So yes, the phenomenon you describe was absolutely a feature of the combat system, but it worked pretty much as intended. The combat has plenty of problems, but I didn’t think think was one of them. (You clearly disagree. ;) )

      • Carlos Danger says:

        It was more the straw that broke the camel’s back at that point. Nothing in the combat I found impressive at all, just really simplistic and clucky. But this is the stuff one needs to find out when decided to try and go back on past misses.

        • suibhne says:

          Yes, the combat was pretty unlovely, all in all. I found two things: it was insanely easy with an optimized party (meaning everyone was basically built for Assault Rifles and was willing to go naked in the late-game), and it was much more interesting with a diverse, intentionally suboptimal group. Still, it seemed like inXile just wasn’t sure how to balance and refine the overall system. Given that impression, I’m less eager for the Directors Cut than I might’ve been.

          • geisler says:

            Yeah, i wouldn’t touch this game again with a 10ft pole, fundamentally the combat hasn’t been made much more interesting. Think i’ll play some JA2 instead.

  3. Dewal says:

    Am I the only one disturbed by the name “Director’s cut” ? Isn’t Wasteland a indie game where the “director” (the dev’s) made every choice with no intervention from an editor ?

    • Phantom_Renegade says:

      You are right. It was a kickstarter game and the whole point of the kickstartering was to make the game where the devs would make all the calls. Kind of makes a person wonder if perhaps an editor or QA from outside isn’t exactly what some studio’s (cough Schafer cough) need.

      • waltC says:

        Reminds me of how old I am…;) “Indie developer”…;) Haha–good one. Some of the principals in inXile (like Brian Fargo) have been making games since the 1980’s…;) Fargo did the original Wasteland while in Interplay. Wasteland was the direct successor to Fallout–also a Fargo game…Hopefully you’ve heard of Fallout?…;) “The Director’s Cut” is the equivalent of the “gold” version–it’s just that nowadays it’s called “Director’s Cut” instead.

        I’ll be getting the final version of Wasteland 2 & InXile’s Tides of Numera when it ships, along with the Bard’s Tale IV when that ships–not to mention remastered Bard’s Tale 1, 2 & 3 versions (also Interplay/Fargo games), courtesy of the recent Bard’s Tale IV kickstarter that successfully concluded 7/10! It was the “Tormented, Irradiated, Bard” Tier that offered all of that software for a $75 pledge. Good news is that inXile is still taking PayPal pledges for the game so it’s not too late to get the same, if you’re interested. BTW, I’ll be getting BTIV last–all of the other software coming earlier–some of it much earlier…!

        • waltC says:

          Meant to say that Wasteland was the direct forerunner of Fallout…sorry, but no edits!

        • Fenixp says:

          “Indie” just means “Independent”, not “Without experience” or anything along those lines

          • waltC says:

            InXile is the publisher/developer…trust me, first time I’ve ever heard of Fargo being described as an “indie” developer–:D)

          • Fenixp says:

            waltC: Yes, that’s the point, because InXile is the developer/publisher, they are independent, “indie” for short. Of course you have not heard of Fargo being described as “Indie” before, because IIRC he wasn’t, even his early projects were published by other companies.

        • Phantom_Renegade says:

          Experience doesn’t matter. Skill is also irrelevant to this specific discussion in that Director’s cut doesn’t make sense when you already have all the control. I also disagree in that this is the term now, the term most commonly used is GOTY version, which can be silly when it happens to a game which hasn’t actually won any GOTY awards, sure, but that’s a different conversation.

          You like Fargo, want everything he’s ever made and even bear his babies, I get it, and it still doesn’t matter. He didn’t have a publisher, he didn’t have anyone standing behind him and telling him he should do things differently. I backed Numenara myself and it still doesn’t make him any less indie.

    • Ginsoakedboy21 says:

      You are absolutely right. I backed WL2 and enjoyed my playthrough, warts and all. But I am not sure who they think has time for many runs thorough a gamer like this, I mean it’s not quick. So all this post release polish feels like fucking over the early backers unless you are the kind of person to play multiple times through 20+ hour plots who must be a minority.

      So end result is, even more reason to wait for sales and never kick start anything. Which is a shame.

      • mygaffer says:

        Accept the game would likely never have been made at all without being Kickstarted, so if you were happy to play it in its released form be glad you backed it!

        There are real economic issues at play with these projects and I am sure if they had the money during development they would spent more time on the game before release.

  4. Infinitron says:

    There also appears to be a release date for the Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition: link to amazon.com

    • waltC says:

      If you own the original version of D:OS, of course, you’ll get the EE version at no additional cost–at least, that’s the way it will work for the PC. The EE version is the first release of the game for consoles, I believe.

  5. anHorse says:

    *Delays playing game for even longer*

    • Themadcow says:

      Indeed. Day 1 backer… err… clocked up a total of 42 minutes so far.

      • anHorse says:

        I got it in the GoG sale, before I’d even worked through two of those sale games (let alone stuff on steam) they come out and announce a big update that promises to fix everything, so yeah interest to play killed dead

        Convenient how they announced the DC after most of the sales, isn’t it?

        • Llewyn says:

          Convenient how they announced the DC after most of the sales, isn’t it?

          The DC that everyone who bought in those sales (and before, and since) will be getting as a free update? It’s a fair bet that on launch the DC will be back at full price (give or take the odd 10% release discount) and won’t be so heavily cut as the base game has for some time, so the cheapest way to get the DC will be to buy the base game on sale before release.

          The cynical approach would have been to announce it before the sales, boosting takings at this stage, rather than after.

          • epeternally says:

            Yeah, I’m not sure it’s really possible to fault them there. They’ve given people plenty of time to pick the game up on sale since the DC was announced. I splurge picked up (been doing way too much of that) a copy for just under $10 in anticipation that the price would go back up when the Director’s Cut hit. Much like Divinity: Original Sin (which I was gifted), I have no intention of playing it until the updated version releases. I just hope they don’t skimp on the polish this time around. Original Sin, at least, I’ve heard mostly good things about in its original form, but seems like as many people hated Wasteland 2 as loved it due to a set of problems that seem like they should be very fixable.

        • Vesperan says:

          They’ve been planningi the Director’s Cut version for months – I was a kickstarter and got the first email a while back.

          But your point is correct – it kills the urge to play… because despite being a kickstarter I haven’t played it yet, and now wont until the Director’s Cut is out.

    • Ranger33 says:

      I’ve started in on this and Divinity: OS about three times a piece, then some huge update gets announced so I wait. Then both games get a free, bigger, better version announced so I wait even longer. Eventually I will play them…

  6. Thulsa Hex says:

    Has there been any word on whether current save files will be compatible? I’d say I’m about half-way through the campaign and stopped playing when they announced this upgrade a few months back. It’s the non-cosmetic additions like that new quirks feature that have me doubting.

    • tomimt says:

      inXile has stated a couple of times that the changes are too huge for the old version saves to be compatible as it’s not just graphics and Unity version they’re changing. But they do try to make it so, that the old version is also available if people prefer to play that one instead. Though the old version won’t propably get any more bug fixing or other work done to it after the DC gets out.

  7. jarowdowsky says:

    Really wish this had been a much more radical ‘director’s cut’. The sheer length of the game ismputting me off with so many other great games to consider.

    If this had been boiled down into a really tight RPG experience that could make for a wonderful introduction to the game as a whole.

    I really feel starved of a great, concise RPG experience right now – a solid 10 or 15 hours where everything matters would be lovely.

    • Fenixp says:

      In other words, you want Director to go away and get a Wasteland 2: Actual cut

  8. mygaffer says:

    This is a game that really needed some more polish. I backed it and only played it about an hour before putting it back down. The bones of what I want are there but I had more polished things to play, like Pillars of Eternity, in the meantime. I can’t wait to go back to it after the special edition is released.

  9. bubrub says:

    Many may disagree with this, but I wish this game had the exact combat system of Fallout Tactics. Currently, the system just feels like a less interesting, less complex copy of it. Fallout Tactics nailed squad based combat.