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Plane To See: The World Of Torment: Tides Of Numenera

Its scapes are plane to see

I ain't looked too close at Torment: Tides of Nutella [official site], even despite having its alpha installed on my PC, because if I'm gonna do this thing, I want to do it cold and I want to do it complete. But lately I realised that I knew barely a thing about inXile's spiritual sequel to revered-by-the-sort-of-people-who-revere-cRPGs cRPG Planescape: Torment, and had nothing more than a loose expectation of similarity. Turns out this latest video was something of a solution for me: it focuses on describing and showing off Numenera's strange new world and weird technologies, as opposed to dwelling specifically on the player's journey through it.

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The main thing this vid tells me is that Torment will be packed with things to look at, using the anything goes so long as it's at least vaguely spiky visual design ethos of Planescape Torment. I look forwards to nosing around the place and annoying people with my very presence. It seems to my eye to look a little plainer, no tortured pun intended, than Planescape, though. Middle-tier 3D can lack the there-ness of 2D, even if the resolutions are so much higher. PS:T, at least if you hack it into HD, has an illustration quality to it that this does not. Still looks nice, though.

And I'm digging the grab-bag of magic and steamworks obscura in there. It's coming across as its own, Planescapey thing, rather than the reskinned Wasteland 2 we might have worried it would be.

It's Due in the early months of 2017. The RPG sequel a whole mess of RPS folk spent over a decade pining for is right around the corner. It's gonna feel mighty weird.

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