Dark Souls 3’s Intro Cinematic Sends In The Lords

We have to wait another two whole months until Dark Souls III [official site] arrives but hey, we can experience the opening minutes right this very day! The opening cinematic, that is. In blocky YouTubevision. It’s a trailer. A trailer of the intro cinematic. You may wonder “Who are these monsters?” and “How do I murder them?” and “How many times will they murder me?” and “Who is this narrator anyway?” and “But really, is that an octopus made of sludge?”

Bits of this intro have been in Dark Souls III trailers since, well, Dark Souls III trailers began. The full known history of Dark Souls III trailers. As far back as Dark Souls III trailer records go. Some say the earliest history was written in blood on flesh, that those who wrote of those days mummified and entombed themselves.

Dark Souls III is due round our way on April 12th. That gives you three months to watch this intro cinematic then sit quietly and play the rest of the game in your imagination.

To answer a question folks often ask: yes, DS1 director Hidetaka Miyazaki returned for DS3 (he stepped back from DS2 as he was focusing on From Software’s Bloodborne, y’see). Some part of me is still hoping that Bloodborne will somehow, some way, against all odds, come to PC one day. I know, I know.


  1. SMGreer says:

    It looks strange and miserable and utterly beautiful…I can’t wait for April, to die again and again!

  2. Aitrus says:

    “We have to wait another three whole months until Dark Souls III [official site] arrives…”

    April 12th is definitely only two months (64 days) away.

  3. klo3 says:

    After Dark Souls 2 this feels like Dark Souls again.

    And that tiny hint of Bloodborne? Thats a bonus.

  4. Abndn says:

    Please be good.

  5. grve says:

    I have a feeling that sludgetopus is going to be a pain in the patoot.

  6. wcq says:

    Not going to say I won’t play it, because I will, but have to say I’m not feeling that excited for another Dark Souls. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve never been the biggest fan of medieval fantasy, maybe it’s that I just played some Souls games recently, but Souls fatigue is setting in. Personally, I thought the change in setting brought by Bloodborne was just the thing for the series. BB might just be my favourite of the bunch.

    Dark Souls is great, but I wish Miyazaki and company have the will and the ability to try some new things again next. Maybe even a NOTSOULSGAME (*gasp*)?

    • Vandelay says:

      I’m certain I read a while ago that this will be last one. Can’t recall if it was just a journalists wishing for it, but I think there might have even been mentions of the next From Software game being sci-fi.

      More Bloodborne is probably more likely though. Playing it right now and can safely say that it would not be something I would object to.

    • Abndn says:

      I’d prefer to see them keep making Souls-type games, honestly. They are the only ones making those, while other kinds of games are readily available elsewhere.

      • wcq says:

        Making the same kind of stuff for too long leads to stagnation, is what I believe. If they made something completely different for a change, they’d probably get new ideas for the next installment of Souls, you know?

  7. Unsheep says:

    Its bizarre. I love watching playthroughs of these games but only get bored when I actually play one. Its not about patience, I mainly play racing sims and strategy games, so I got patience ‘down’. Perhaps there is simply different types of patience.

    Anyways, I’m excited to see what weird and obscure stuff they can come up with for this new game, as I watch Jeff Green play through it.

    • Vandelay says:

      Oh, Crate & Crowbar plays Dark Souls 3? Yes please!

      Although hopefully it will be a little more enthusiastic than them playing 2. Don’t think they even ever finished it.

  8. int says:

    The giant nazgul is awesome.

  9. CurseYouAll says:

    Pray Namco Bandai come up with a good PC port

    • LaundroMat says:

      Exactly. I pre-ordered DS2 but when I read about the PC port f-up I left it shrinkwrapped in the closet.

      I bought the Scholar of the First Sin edition in a Steam sale last year and have (still am) thoroughly enjoyed it.

      By which I simply mean to say: no day 1 purchase for me, even though I’m very much looking forward to a new Dark Souls game.

  10. Butts says:

    The sludge monster is one but, but I’m really wondering how I’m going to manage to kill that completely massive giant.

    • Butts says:

      AHEM “is one” should read “is one thing”

    • mcnostril says:

      Like you kill every other giant thing in dark souls: Run around its feet, then stab it in the butt until it falls over.

  11. csbear says:

    Can’t wait for this one. Miyazaki’s world just really draws me in even if it’s the 3rd iteration. One thing I love about his games is the relative absence of music. Just put on some headphones and immerse yourself into his creation sans soundtrack. Creepy grunts, groans, screams, and the sound of your footfall as you traverse the DS gaming world. I thought that cinematic trailer was amazing, btw.

  12. zeep says:

    That narration was whatever.

  13. edna says:

    Couldn’t focus on the pretty pictures, because I was too distracted by the wailing people. Laaaaaaaaa la laaaaaaaaaaaa oooaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaa.

  14. משוגע־סאָפֿע says:

    ..& thus the blight of 《eldritch》 will spread even further.
    praise the sun plexus.. you, shade.

  15. Rumpelstiltskin says:

    It’s a great feeling to not care about it at all.