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Dark Souls 3’s servers are offline again

The fire fades once more

I hope Dark Souls 3 rested at a bonfire recently, because its servers are down once again. FromSoftware confirmed that PvP multiplayer for the Steam version of the game had gone offline in a tweet, and said they’d provide an update once details were available to share. When I published this post, no explanation was forthcoming about what the cause of the downtime might be.

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Dark Souls’ multiplayer has experienced a troubled year. The game’s servers only went back up a month ago, after spending seven months offline. FromSoftware had disabled PvP for all Dark Souls games on Steam in January following the discovery of a security vulnerability that could affect anyone who played the game online. The servers for Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 still haven’t been restored.

Needless to say, players weren’t happy to see the game’s PvP go offline again so shortly after being brought back. Due to the date, some players even resorted to invoking disco demigods Earth, Wind And Fire by posting the lyrics to September. It didn’t work. Should have praised the sun instead.

Adam particularly enjoyed Dark Souls 3’s combat when he reviewed the game back in 2016, but thought the bonfires were a bit too clumped for his liking. “Even on the rare occasion you do descend into depths, they’re relatively shallow depths,” he said, “and the game’s broader structure doesn’t allow for the possibility of becoming trapped, burning life after life in an attempt to escape some claustrophobic dead-end. You’re never far from safety.”

Dark Souls 3 is on Steam for £40/$60/€60. I’ll update this article if and when FromSoftware issue more info on whatever’s affecting the game.

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