Prison Architect 2.0 Is The Last Major Update

Prison Architect [official site] technically left early access ten months ago but developers Introversion Software have kept updating their build-o-management game as before. Now they’re finally almost done. After the upcoming release of version 2.0, Introversion plan to call it a day and – aside from fixing bugs which pop up – focus on new things like their pretty cave-scanning game. V2.0 will properly launch next month but you can try a preview version today if you fancy playing with tricky events like food poisoning and mass tunnelling.

The full patch notes are over here, detailing everything from user interface improvements and expanded mod support to new items like an arcade cabinet and those new events. The full list of those is: contraband surge; tree fire; food poisoning; agitating radio; CI list leak; mass tunnelling; preacher. Yup, those sound like they’d be nasty problems for any prison.

As ever, Introversion have also made a video introducing the new update:

So what’s next? They’ve already announced two prototypes they’ve been working on, Wrong Wire and Scanner Sombre. Wrong Wire is a bomb disposal game, a bit like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes but singleplayer and more serious. Scanner Sombre, meanwhile, takes a wander through pitch-black caves with a scanning laser, reminding me of The Unfinished Swan for how you uncover details in a blank environment. Pip took a look at both of them in April, and John played Wrong Wire too. Introversion say Scanner Sombre will be first.

You can have a look yourself by skipping to 26 minutes in this Introversion vid:


  1. Nomaki says:

    I will be speechless if they “finish” Prison Architect without even a start menu / screen (like the console port has had since launch)

    • Capt. Bumchum McMerryweather says:

      I hope they leave it off. I can’t bear these ‘press any button to continue’ screens almost as much as ‘do you really want to quit’. Beautifully, PA has neither of these.

    • lordcooper says:

      What a weird thing to want.

    • noodlecake says:

      I won’t be speechless because I know they’re keeping their butt ugly UI on the PC version, but I agree. It would be a very good thing for them to replicate it on PC.

  2. Lumière says:

    They managed to put together a really nice game. It’s a shame there’s so few games like it, maybe I’ll give a chance to Rimworld, but the combat portion of it just repel me. I’d like a more management game, with all the complexity envolved, just like PA.

    • Scripten says:

      Just play on Basebuilder mode. You can skip almost all combat if you want, and the game remains compelling.

  3. C0llic says:

    As someone who was playing from the first alpha release, they’ve done so well with this game. I’m glad they’re getting ready to move on to new things.

  4. ulix says:

    While the game is great, propably the best management game ever made, it still leaves a lot to be desired. And I’m not even talking new features, just polish on some of the old ones. The interface is still a mess, the game runs horribly with lots of prisoners (1000+) since it doesn’t have multithreading, there’s a bunch of features that don’t work properly, etc. etc.

  5. AngoraFish says:

    I have long wondered how long Introversion could continue to fund a game that surely nearly everyone who has ever expressed an interest in the genre already has, and presumably has had for years now. The number of sales nowadays must be miniscule.

    It’s good to see all that bottled up creativity can now be channelled into something equally interesting.

    To be honest, Prison Architect has long had a problem of feature creep to the point that the game can be pretty overwhelming, particularly to new players.

    • Herzog says:

      I dont have it yet. And the feature complete version seems like the right time to dive in!

    • Mags says:

      I keep wondering this with Terraria. And yet the new stuff keeps coming.

  6. geldonyetich says:

    Good little game, although I do look at how the K-9 Units turn around and their body armor reads “9-K” as a mirror image and wonder to myself, “Really, guys? You got $10M to make this game, and nobody could bother to draw a second sprite for how they look when they face the other direction?”

    • Rublore says:

      Clearly that’s just for someone seeing it through the rear-view mirror, like an ambulance.

  7. LewdPenguin says:

    I guess it might finally be time to revisit this then, had it for ages and played it quite a bit very early on, then bounced off it repeatedly each time I came back again further into development. Eventually decided I’d just leave it until major changes stopped coming after each time I went back either new features made old prisons pretty unviable as you had zero counters to various new major potential problems, or even there were new problems added but not the counters to them (at least in full) at that point in time. Hopefully now it’ll finally be stable enough in terms of core features to be something I can play over time without having to keep starting new prisons every couple of patches.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I think I had similar experiences to you, but for me it worked.
      I picked up PA ages ago, and every time I’d play it for a couple of days, enough time to build a massive prison and lose sleep to “I’ll just finish building…”, then I’d get bored and go play something else.
      A few updates later, I’d try it again, and do the same, play for a while, enjoy myself, and then move one.
      I feel like I got my money’s worth, even if I’ve not ended up playing it for months at a time.

  8. L33dh4x0r says:

    I really love this game! It is one of the best management games I’ve ever played.

    BUT since the last update I have a serious problem with the prison labour. No matter how often i reassign these little guysto the laundry for example they continously refuse to work.

  9. bp_968 says:

    Did anyone else think of the TV series “Strike Back” when they saw the last puzzle from their bomb game prototype? The entire scene looked straight out of one of the later episodes of Strike Back (where they had to disarm a nuclear bomb in a similar looking warehouse).