Hitman going Home Alone-y with festive update

Even many Hitmaniacs are unaware of the untrue story of the series’ origins as a Home Alone game. IO Interactive built a prototype including a boy sneaking around his house, creating distractions with a Talkboy, and a ragdoll physics Joe Pesci tumbling down stairs after being clocked with a can of paint. “That’s nice,” said one Eidos executive, “but what if the man died?” So Kevin McCallister became Ian Hitman and a legend was born. This lie will come full circle next week with the Hitman [official site] December update, which will add a mission to thwart two dastardly thieves in Christmassy Paris.

Here’s the official word on the festivities:

“The ‘Holiday Hoarders’ mission gives a festive feeling to the existing Paris location with snow, decorations and even presents, which have been scattered all around the palace. Unfortunately, not everyone in attendance at the fashion show is there to spread festive joy. Two thieves have gained entrance to the fashion show event and are stealing the presents. As Agent 47, it’s your job to stop them, for good. If you are able to get to the presents first, feel free to open them and use whatever you find inside to help eliminate these two sticky bandits…”

This mission will arrive on Tuesday, December 13th. Check the official blog post for more on the update and other plans for December.

If you’d been waiting for Hitman to finish its episodic antics, hey, it has. Read Wot Alec Thinks of the whole first season.


  1. Pogs says:

    This is one of my games of the year. No, correction it is mine and no doubt Santa’s Game Of The Year. Award the prize now and be done with it why don’t you? If you don’t well the said Claus will deem you bad and most likely send 47 to visit.

  2. DelrueOfDetroit says:

    The devs sure do like that Paris level, eh?

    • kode says:

      I guess that if it’s a bonus level they’re giving to everyone, making it a variation of a level everyone who owns the game has is a decent idea.

  3. Neutrino says:

    I am genuinely impressed. Interesting looking free content, link to a charity, and the company hasn’t even mentioned themselves in the trailer for the publicity. I don’t own Hitman, not quite my cup of tea, but I’m now checking out which company makes it so I can award them their due brownie points.

    Now if there was a mod where I could repeatedly murder Macaulay Culkin in fiendish and hilarious fashion over the festive season this would be on my shortlist for sure.

  4. LennyLeonardo says:

    I hope we can all agree that an actual Home Alone game would be excellent. A sort of stealth horror slapstick crafting tower defence/aftershave application type deal.