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You can play one of Hitman's best levels, Sapienza, free until July 4th

Try the original mission or a new Elusive Target

Assassination sandbox Hitman 3 has gone and made another of its levels available free for a limited time. As it did with the Dubai level back in March, the free Starter Pack version of Hitman 3 is currently giving players access to one of the best levels from the first game in the trilogy. You can murder your way through multiple Sapienza missions from today through July 4th if you own the starter pack or the full Hitman 3 game.

While it's on offer for free, IO Interactive say you'll have access to Sapienza's original mission World Of Tomorrow from Hitman 1. You'll also be able to participate in the Elusive Target mission "The Twin" going on as part of Hitman 3's Season Of Sloth.

"Two identical twin brothers," they say. "One is the client, the other is your target. If you kill or harm the client, you fail. Track down the twins, identify the target and take your shot."

Matthew went and ranked all 21 Hitman levels earlier this year. The first Hitman of IOI's trilogy snags several top spots, with Sapienza in particular squeaking in as number five.

"The definitive Hitman trilogy level," Matthew calls it, "an absurd commitment to detail that brings an entire Italian town to life. From multiple flavours in the ice cream shop to beautifully rendered chorizo, there’s not a lazy pixel here."

IOI have the rest of the details on their current Season Of Sloth, the next in their whole Seven Deadly Sins DLC train, over on their website.

Free access to Sapienza begins today and runs through July 4th, which you can access either through Hitman 3 or by downloading the Hitman 3 Free Starter Pack on the Epic Games Store.

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