American Truck Simulator now gert big again

America is now bigger than ever as American Truck Simulator [official site] has officially launched its rescaling, going from 1:35 scale to 1:20. This means longer roads and grander landscapes, and developers SCS Software have rebuilt a lot to be more interesting and varied too, including new landmarks. The new scale “transforms a great game into a sublime one”, our Alec declared after playing a beta version, and I’ve certainly been impressed by it too. The update is now live so it should be waiting for you next time you slip on your “Keep on trucking” cap and crack open a Bud Light.

Here, look, here are some more of Alec’s lovely words about being absorbed by this big new world of virtual trucks:

“ATS feels enormous now. The sweep of the land, the size of the sky, the long wait between cities, the even longer wait to escape a city’s lights and junctions and speed limits and grid-bound maze of roads.

“The slow loss of light, the pinks of sunset, the alien feel of dusk and headlights, the endlessness of the night and the unsettling silhouettes of distant mountains, the lonely click of your indicators on an empty road, the exhalation that comes when the sun finally rises.

“Tension and boredom and exhaustion and freedom and bliss and sweet, sweet relief when the GPS’ time remaining counter drops to single-digit hours.

The mingled joy and sadness when the journey ends and purpose is removed. Standing up, shaking the leaden feeling from my legs, getting a drink, feeling awful reality creep back in, cracking my knuckles, sitting down to it all again.”

You can see the final patch notes for update 1.5 this-a-way. And here’s a new trailer to celebrate the new scale:


  1. legopirate27 says:

    Probably worth mentioning that this is also currently enjoying a Steam sale at 30% off. Looks good value.

    Cheers for the heads up on the update Alice!

    • walrus1 says:

      At $14 USD this game is a steal.

      • Blackcompany says:


        I got ETS2 for $3.74 in a Holiday sale, and have bought most DLC since not just because I like the game so much, but because I felt sort of guilty having grabbed such a remarkable game at so generous a price. Love these titles; it’s like a Zen meditation experience for me.

        • JaminBob says:

          Despite buying base game and DLC for at or close to full price, after dividing by hours played it’s 15p which for de-stress, chill out heaven is exceptional value. ATS is as lovely, it’s hard to beat the desert at sunset.

        • JaminBob says:

          The use of ‘gert’ intrigues, is the author from Bristol?

      • ephesus64 says:

        I agree with pretty much everything that is being said about this game, what a wonderful niche it fills, and for a good price too. The Crew is far too hyperactive to really be that long drive simulation I want, and Jalopy seems too primitive, but this is great. I can say from experience that Oregon is a wonderful place to drive, so I really hope they head North now that they’ve covered Arizona. I’m going to need more audiobooks…

  2. walrus1 says:

    I can’t wait to dive into this later today!

  3. AutonomyLost says:

    We don’t all drink Bud Light, Alice ;)

    I say that as both a United Statesian and an 18-wheeler driver.

    This game does entice me but I don’t see myself ever actually purchasing it. I’m glad people get enjoyment out of playing it though; the general idea of the series is ingenious to me.

    • Archangel says:

      I say that as both a United Statesian

      Though respectfully, you do not, since “United Statesian” is not an acceptable phrase in any dialect of English (or any other Indo-European language, for that matter). We wouldn’t go about calling people United Kingdomian, Francian, Polandian, or Denmarkian. Surely humanity has suffered enough without this lexical atrocity!

      • DelrueOfDetroit says:

        Stop being such a pendantian.

      • Nauallis says:

        Pfffftt. Any respectable United Statesian knows that the actual problem with his lexication is designating a semi as an 18-wheeler. And those United Kingdomian doofuses across the Atlantic Pond think that a semi is an accurate descriptor for a variety of domicile.

        Time to drive my truck simulator home.

      • modzero says:

        Oh noes, a United Statesian decided to risk sounding a bit silly to avoid the entrenched ridiculousness of calling United Statesians “Americans”, which happens to be equivalent to calling all of the Europeans “Russians”. We need to tell that guy off immediately!

        It’s not the most important cause in the world, but a true pedant worth their protractor would agree with AutonomyLost.

        And, btw, “United Statesian” is a real nonce, and that’s what you get when you name your country something this ridiculous.

        • Premium User Badge

          alison says:

          Um, no. We don’t call Brits “United Kingdomians”. We don’t call French “Republicans”. We don’t call Mexicans “United Statesians”. And no one outside of a bizarre corner of the internet calls Americans “United Statesians” either. Canadians, Mexicans and other residents of North America are all perfectly happy to use the term “American” to describe citizens of the United States of America. It is also an adjective that refers to the country. Or the whole continent. Or a noun describing all people who live on the continent. There is no confusion here. Sometimes a word has multiple meanings. Most people look at the context and deal with that.

          • modzero says:

            Yes, I know that one of the meanings of the word “American” is “United Statesians are imperialists”, that was exactly my point.

            And bringing the British and French into that makes zero sense. As for Canadians and South and Central Americans, mostly they just have more important stuff to care about, not “are okay”. It does seem like the people who want to keep it USian care about it quite a lot, which isn’t really surprising for an imperialist.

          • Kong says:

            I do not know about Canadians, but Mexicans are not at all ok with it, neither are most people from Latin America that I have had the pleasure to meet.
            Gringo is most commonly used and understood.

          • Premium User Badge

            alison says:

            I guess we know a different set of Mexicans. I have never heard any Latinx use the term “United Statesian” when speaking English, or voice any kind of concern that English speakers use “America” or “American” when referring both to the United States of America and The Two Continents Of North And South America. In Spanish I have definitely heard gringo, as well as estadunidense and other terms. But we are not talking about Spanish here.

            The whole idea that somehow this term is confusing or imperialistic is grade A nonsense. The country was named hundreds of years ago. No one in the world hears someone saying “I am going to South America on vacation” and thinks “Texas”. No one when they hear “Americans are arrogant assholes” thinks “yeah, fuck those Chileans”. It’s just a total nothingburger issue.

            Not to mention there are at least two other countries in the world whose names happen to echo that of the continent in which the country lies – Australia and South Africa. In both those cases it’s quite clear from the context what is meant when people use the terms Australian and African. But there is no wacky movement to call Australians “Commonwealthians” or South Africans “Republicans”. The trollish habit of referring to Americans as USians online is one of those thoroughly petty behaviors i can scarcely believe is still a thing.

      • Tannhauser says:

        United Statese, if you please.

      • Boomerang says:

        I’m a self-confessed pedant, but even I knew this was a fucking joke.

  4. LewdPenguin says:

    Having only picked this up recently when it had pennies off a couple of weeks ago I jumped right into the 1.5 beta and didn’t bother with the old ‘small’ version of the map at all, so of course lacking comparison material is a problem, but really it doesn’t feel all that big now. Jaunts across the map from side to the other aren’t exactly taxing and indeed are pretty much a standard run once you have a couple of skill points, it must really have seemed silly-tiny before.
    I guess when they get around to adding more states it might eventually fill out into something a bit closer to epic, although given the buy-the-game-again pricing on ETS map packs it’ll probably cost more than I or many others are willing to pay to get a truly great America to truck across.

  5. VFRHawk says:

    So does that mean you can now play the larger version of the USA in VR?

    Or has the upscale not reached that beta branch yet?

  6. Gaamii_007 says:

    Si no arreglan los errores del juego este JUEGO se ira a la mierda, ya hay muchas quejas de que crashea en su mayoria de los jugadores en muchos puntos del reescalado del mapa, incluyendome, cosa que antes no pasaba… creo antes de sacar algo tan grande hagan testeos de su juego primero y luego lanzan de 150 usuarios en ATS ahora ya solo entran 30 a 50!!!!!!!!!!