Berserk and the Band of the Hawk hacks ‘n’ slashes out

Yer outta here!

The year is 2037, and Parliament Warriors has just hit Steam. Having turned all known Japanese history and fiction into Warriors games, Koei Tecmo have cast a wider gaze. Following the success of a Warriors game recreating the historic 2023 by-election which started Zayn Malik’s rise to power, Koei are hopeful that the supergroup of Parliament Warriors will sell strongly and spark follow-ups in each devolved Parliament.

Ah, how simple it all seemed in 2017, when the latest release was Berserk and the Band of the Hawk [official site], simply an adaptation of the long-running manga (and anime). How little they suspected!

While ‘Warriors’ isn’t in the name, yep it totally is a Warriors game. Players get to hack ‘n’ slash through hordes of enemies as Guts and his chums in that usually Warriors way, and… it’s a Warriors game? It’s Warriors but with Berserk.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk is out on Steam for £44.99/53,99€/$53.99, which includes a small launch discount.

Elsewhere in the world of Warriors, last week Tecmo Koei announced a Western PC release for Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada [official site]. It’s, y’know, a Samurai Warriors game. This time the focus is on actual historical daimyō Masayuki Sanada and his son Yukimura Sanada. It’s coming on May 23rd.

I’m not really into the Warriors games but, as an outsider, I do like the look of how they turn history wacky. It’s so overtly fictionalised when many games built upon history are more insidious with their rewriting. Not that over-the-top retellings can’t still spread funny ideas, mind. But at least I’ve not seen an equivalent of those dreadful videos for World War games with developers saying they want to make it so respectful and so authentic as players John Wick their way through an entire battalion.


  1. Chem says:

    It’s a fun musou game based on a manga that is itself a musou. If you like Berserk and these games it’s great. If you just like these kind of games but have no knowledge of Berserk it’s still fun and will give you a rough idea of the story but you’ll be missing a fair amount of the smaller details that bring the whole story together.

  2. Premium User Badge

    bsplines says:

    Parliament Warriors sounds amazing. Can we have it now please?

    On the game side, how competent are the latest Koei Tecmo PC ports? They were spotty in the past, weren’t they?

    • MiniMatt says:

      No-one can withstand Nicholas Soames’ full competition weight battle charge, or Dennis Skinner’s thunderous war cry.

  3. Gunsmith says:

    jesus christ I wish Koei Tecmo would stop taking the piss with their pricing.

    • DreadWulf says:

      Koei Tecmo will always charge premium prices for their products. Can’t be helped really, everything in Japan tends to cost more on the whole (relatively speaking). CDs (yes, people still buy those…) come in at around ¥3000, movie tickets at 2100+, etc. I bought Berserk and I like it so far but yeah, damn pricey…

  4. int says:

    I’ll take swords for 400.

    • Jalan says:

      A possessed Farnese straddled this mighty blade and dared Guts to raise it.

  5. Mecha_Rocky says:

    Bought it last night, played for about 6 hours and I’m loving it. If my past self knew I’d be playing and liking a Warriors game he’d head over to catapult B and totally kick my future ass.

    But in all honesty, as a die hard Berserk fan (yes, I have a brand tattoo… -_-) and having played the Dreamcast and PS2 title, this game-type serves it much better. Guts just keeps swinging his sword (like he should) and MIGHTYYYYYYYY FOOOOOORCES!

  6. Sc0r says:

    To me its still the best manga ever made, but the game clearly merly focuses on the action. Again, just as with the recent Golden Arc movies, its disturbing someone decided its a good idea to put the rape of Casca as a fanservice element in the trailer.
    The battle against Zodd looks like it doesn’t match the manga narrative as well :( I see the issue though, how would you construct a fighting scene where you almost never manage to hit.. Its always easier to use the same as any other NPC fighter’s KI and add damage and health. meh.
    Also, way overprised. Also Miura, please stop consuming moe garbage and continue the Manga. :D

  7. dorobo says:

    I would rather buy a bunch of cool games instead of this