Dead Rising 4 coming to Windows 7 and Steam in March

The absurd Windows 10 exclusivity of Dead Rising 4 [official site] will end on March 14th, Capcom have announced. It’ll arrive on Steam and yes, for Windows 7 too. Dead Rising 4 isn’t great, sure, but if you want to mow down zombie hordes while dressed as Street Fighter’s Cammy you might still fancy it.

This Windows 7/Steam release will come 14 weeks [that’s 98 days, multiplication maniacs! -ed.] after Dead Rising 4’s initial launch on Windows 10 through Microsoft’s Store. The strange things people will do in the name of business, eh?

I heard Phil Spencer stood outside Ian Capcom’s house holding over his head a boombox blasting Peter Gabriel’s In Your Eyes. Faved every last one of his tweets. Sent flowers every day for a month, then escalated to gorillagrams. Eventually, Ian Capcom relented and signed an exclusivity arrangement which artificially limited the game’s audience. Presumably this a involved cheque with several zeroes. Hey, I know Ian Capcom wasn’t personally spurning me (he’d never!), his heart simply must follow the numbers. When zeroes hit your eyes like big pizza pies, that’s a business.

In an ideal world, this freed version would hit GOG and Itch too but, y’know, that may take a while.

Normally I wouldn’t mention pre-orders but seeing as the game has been out for months and many reviews and opinions have been shared, hey: a 20% pre-purchase discount brings it to £31.99/47,99€/$47.99 on Steam.

Check out Wot Alec Thought if you’re curious but do bear in mind that a recent update has added a harder difficulty mode.


  1. Ghostwise says:

    I wasn’t expecting John Cusack and Dean Martin together in such a short text.

  2. Rince says:

    Thrown in Cammy as an extra character instead of a costume, and I will probably get it.

  3. Landiss says:

    Why is windows 10 app store exclusivity absurd and steam exclusivity not? Most often it’s not even mentioned.

    • Alice O'Connor says:

      Because that initial release was only for Windows 10, with Windows 7 following three months later. Skipping not just the biggest PC games store but a whole OS too is absurd; Windows 7 is hardly Mac OS or Linux.

      I wouldn’t equate Steam and the Windows Store either.

      • mattevansc3 says:

        But when Microsoft are funding the game’s development why should they allow Valve more profit out of the game than themselves?

        • pentraksil says:

          Because very few people buy anything on WinStore. Steam is by far more profitable in that sense even if it is Valve who gets the most profits.

    • fish99 says:

      Being on Steam doesn’t force games to use the terrible UWP API which has caused a lot of performance problems.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      I am not sure OP knows what an “exclusive” is.
      Valve are the only company I know who were restricted to Steam (and even then did do ports to consoles).

      Name one other company that Steam has signed an exclusivity deal with (actually there are, they were the few handful or just one of the original Steam launch games. But since then, steam is a store and does not require or self promote exclusives).

  4. Lurid says:

    See? I just had to wait a while for the game I don’t care about.

  5. tslog says:

    It’s absurd because the multiple time criminally convicted Microsoft, is using exclusivity instead of superior service and other incentives to promote their store which was a disastrous player hating failure the last time which no one has forgotten.

    Being exclusive means they are sacrificing hundred of thousands if not millions of dollars to try to get their store the support it desperately needs, and I will never buy from.
    Potentially could be money lost that those developers need to make their next game – or risk low initial sales to continue a series, just so microturd can grow their crappy store.

  6. DEspresso says:

    It’s available in the German store. *single tear*

    What a time to be alive.