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Dead Rising 4 shambles onto Windows 10

Dead Rising 4 [official site], the latest in Capcom's open-world series about smashing zombies with wacky weapons, has arrived on Windows 10. Photojournalist Frank West finds himself in another mall overrun with zombies, an outbreak in the aftermath of a Black Friday outbreak when everything is all Christmassed-up and hey wait isn't that the idea behind The Division? I'd read Tom Clancy's take on killing zombies in a mall.

"Frank gripped the six-foot candy cane in both hands. 105 kilograms of Heckler & Koch's finest festive hardware. If blunt force didn't kill the zombies, the 400,000 calories he wielded would surely give a sugar high to burst their brains."

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So there Frankie is, smashing zombies, completing missions, and generally larking about. It is not a serious game. You will take selfies with zombies. You will mow down zombies on a snowmobile in the mall's Christmas village. You will craft wacky weapons like flameswords. You will get an exosuit and supersuplex zombies.

Along with a singleplayer campaign, Dead Rising 4 has a separate four-player co-op mode.

Dead Rising 4 is out for Windows 10 on the Windows Store for £39.99. It sounds likely Capcom will release it outside Windows 10 and the Windows Store next year, or at least not impossible, as publishers Microsoft have said "It will remain a Windows 10 exclusive for the first 90 days".

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