WH40K: Dawn of War 3’s launch trailer airdrops in early

Warhammer 40000: Dawn of War 3 [official site] isn’t out until Thursday but heck, if we’ve already reviewed it, why can’t Sega release a launch trailer? Why not follow it up with an announcement trailer? Perhaps they’ll even release Dawn of War 2 next. The linear perception of time can do one. The launch trailer shows what will happen when you bring a mirror (or shiny spear) to a war: it’ll end up in pieces, just like our flipping timeline. Oh, but do remember the RTS’s multiplayer open beta weekend starts today.

So there’s a pointy stikk everyone wants. Gotcha.

Fraser Brown was torn over Dawn of War 3. As his Wot I Think concluded:

“There are moments, many of them, during multiplayer and AI skirmishes, where I’m absolutely certain that Dawn of War 3 is the best game in the series, even with its missteps when it comes to cover and fortifications. I could happily continue rambling on about the brilliant faction design or how I still squeal with glee every time I drop a gargantuan beast of an Elite like Imperial Knight Solaria into a fight – you haven’t lived until you’ve witnessed her impossibly huge guns turning an army of Orks into green-red paste. If you’re only interested in the campaign, however, then you’re unlikely to find as much to get enthused about.”

I like a bit of both in my DoW, so I’ll certainly give the multiplayer beta a go. It’ll start at 6pm today and run until 6pm on Monday. If you want in, you can sign up in advance over here to begin pre-loading or casually stop by Steam after the beta starts.


  1. Heavenfall says:

    A bit disappointing compared to the frankly bad-ass announcement trailer: link to youtube.com

    • haldolium says:

      Yep. The announcement trailer is outstanding. This seems rather cheap and a bit off in compo.

    • LXM says:

      Yeah, I assume they spent the majority of their CG budget on that intro/reveal trailer. It was pretty incredible though, one of my favourite trailers of all time.

  2. Sigh says:


  3. Ovno says:

    Worst Dawn of War trailer ever!

    Woo shiny bits flying around with small snippets of game in them…

    DoW 1 & 2’s trailers we’re several orders of magnitude better!

  4. Sound says:

    Well that was tedious.

  5. b_dawson says:

    DoW1 excellent, DoW2 quite good, hope they get back to excellent, people’s reactions range from “pure awesomeness” to “crappiest DoW in the franchise”. Dunno what to make of it :D

    • QSpec says:

      I quite enjoyed it, but the complaints seem to be that it is too moba-like (if you were a DoW1 fan) or too SC-like (if you were a DoW2 fan).

      It is its own thing, and for the most part, I think there is a lot of good there.

  6. taohansen says:

    I really want to love this game after the cinematic trailer (not this launch trailer).

    Who left Relic that resulted in the trash dialogue and stories of everything after Winter Assault? And why is it that all of our stories have been devalued for higher budgets with prettier pictures? Bethesda lost Michael Kirkbride, I don’t know who Bioware lost to create the abominable afterbirths of Mass Effect 1’s scions. I have to pick through mountains of refuse to find courageous pieces like Soma and play out my own stories with Crusader Kings 2. How sad its all become.

    • zoogarium says:

      In dawn of war 2 and dawn of war 2: chaos rising there was some great dialogue. Example;

  7. Ghostwise says:

    When you think about it, better that than Warhammer 3: Dawn of War 40,000.