Steam Charts: Death Under Tunnel Bridge

This week we finally learn who the killer is, but will the answer provide more questions than solutions? Read on for this week’s hair-raising installment of… The Steam Charts.

10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Another weekend at half price sees the perennial seller back in the fringes of the top ten most profitable games on Steam. Which sounds perfectly normal until you remember that this game is somehow six years old. It seems almost unfathomable to me that there’s not been a new entry in the Elder Scrolls single player series since 2011. (And the MMO doesn’t count, no matter how much it may have improved since its awful beginnings.)

With Fallout 4 already two years old and its DLC finished a year ago, it seems very odd that The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell wasn’t declared at this summer’s round of shows. Instead there was just odd fudging. In 2016 they said a sixth TES was in development, but “a very long way off”. This year they said no Elder Scrolls game was in development. That’s obviously utter rubbish, of course one is and will have been since Skyrim was completed, but it’s getting a bit odd that they’re still not yet willing to talk about it. When they do, let’s hope there’s evidence that they’ve listened to our list of demands (more like polite requests, really).

9. Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider

This may seem oddly low in the rankings for such a title, but it was only on sale for about a minute before this chart is compiled. And because this too is from Bethesda, who refuse to send out review code ahead of launch, out of “respect for getting money without fear or criticism” or something. (Exceptions may be made for “influencers” on YouTube who can be reliably assumed to shriek positivity of course!) Our review will appear SOON.

8. NieR:Automata

A second week in its return to the charts for NieR as it continues its two week 35% discount. That ends on the 25th, so still plenty of time to get one of our favourite games of the year so far for a more reasonable £26, or your local pretend-money equivalent.

7. XCOM 2: War Of The Chosen

With the base game back up to its full £35 price, this expansion pack’s eye-watering decision to match that price itself now sees the whole package coming to a wallet-punching £70. At which point I think we can safely assume this will plummet from the charts by next week.

Sorry to keep harping on about this every other week, but good gracious, is no one getting this? The game rides high in the profitability charts when it’s discounted, but will obviously plunge away the moment it asks such a ludicrous amount to play. It will make less money at its overwhelmingly high full price. You see if I’m right.

Meanwhile, the other day Alec gathered together some of the better mods for War Of The Chosen. You should also read his review in which he compares the game to “a huge, fat, glistening sausage, bulging with meat”.

6. Grand Theft Auto V

Please be upstanding for the return of our ongoing series, What Are Rockstar Spending All The GTA V Money On?

What Are Rockstar Spending All The GTA V Money On?

Michael McIntyre DVDs

5. Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III, in my personal opinion, just really reminds me of a Dark Souls game. If anything, if you ask me, I think it’s trying far too hard to be Dark Souls. It’s basically Dark Souls, but with a “III” on it, and then a bunch of other soulslike stuff. Not every game has to be just like a Dark Souls game, Dark Souls III!

It’s back here because of a 60% price drop of indeterminate length. You can also get the Deluxe edition with the season pass for half price right now.

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The other day I spent absolutely ages trying to clean some dried Weetabix from our kitchen surface, that my kid had spilled the day before. I had to break out the heavy duty cleaner.

It was a…


(wait for it)


Counter-Strike: Globule Offensive

Flowers and cards to the usual address.

3. NBA 2K18

What a puzzle this entry is. The game’s out now at a whopping $60/£40, and that’s just for the vanilla version (should you prove mad enough you could spend £110 on this). Yet go to Steam and it’s being hated upon by reviewers – primarily it seems because of a “MyCareer” mode that includes pay-to-win features on top of the hefty asking price.

It’s also noteworthy that there are no reviews from gaming sites for this on any platform as yet. I’ve not followed it at all – because let’s be honest, RPS isn’t really the go-to site for your basketball gaming coverage – but I’m guessing 2K didn’t send out review copies, despite the game being in the hands of those who pre-ordered. Always a warning sign. Perhaps they were all too busy arguing about tattoos.

2. Divinity: Original Sin 2

It’s been a while since I’ve been so drawn into a game. A properly splendid RPG, bursting with new ideas, but familiar enough to not feel alienating. Adam and I had a chat about just how much we love it at the end of last week.

Really lovely to see it zoom up to the top (let’s just accept first place is now concreted in) of the charts, as well as some impressive figures in the highest number of concurrent players. Over half a million copies have been sold, apparently. Quite the thing for an RPG, in a world of battle royalling and DOTAbuds. Also, you can do sex on a skellington.

1. PlayerunknOwn’s BatTlegrounds

This week I have decided you must listen to this song by Meklit Hadero, even though Andrew Bird starts whistling all over it.


  1. stringerdell says:

    How are there still people on this earth in 2017 that don’t own skyrim. Are there even more people waiting for it to be on sale for 50p?

    • Bull0 says:

      I think part of it is these days when kids come of age they don’t just nick their dad’s games because they’re locked away in a steam account, they rebuy them – particularly replayable moddy sandboxes and enduringly popular multiplayers

    • Morcane says:

      Same can be said for GTA V. Man, who doesn’t have it by now?

      • Gothnak says:

        Me (I want to get it on console, and it still isn’t under £10)… I do have Skyrim though.

        • SBLux says:

          Me too. GTA 3 was a landmark experience for me, Vice City is one of my favourite games of all time, San Andreas I just never could get into in the same way (mostly because of the awful forced character customisation bits) and GTA 4 was a huge disappointment, so I just haven’t got excited about 5. Maybe one day I will.

          • VaporStrike says:

            I don’t remember any awful forced customization bits in GTA SA. Mind reminding me?

            Also GTA IV was fun as hell, I don’t see how it could be a disappointment. The story was probably one of the best in a GTA game, IMO, and the gameplay felt like a straight upgrade from SA’s.

            5 is shit though. The singleplayer was alright but the godawful multiplayer ruins everything, especially since it’s now their singular focus and heavily relies on microtransactions to be able to unlock any of the best items in a reasonable amount of time.

        • scottossington says:

          I also do not have GTA V, waiting for it to show up on a humble bundle for $12

    • nitwit says:

      I’m one of those people that hasn’t played Skyrim.

      I really should get around to it, but I think I’m going to wait for the Switch version and play as Lunk.

      • vorador says:

        On one hand, mobile Skyrim.

        On the other hand, no mods. None at all.

        So your Lunk will be quite lacking.

      • waltC says:

        I put in so-o-o-o-ooo much time with the original Skyrim–so much time in playing and mod installation/experimentation, etc. Hundreds of hours, literally. Then came SE–the same only much better technically with much more potential for even better mods and so on, but I’m having a hard time getting into it to the degree that the original kept me entranced. In a nutshell, what makes Skyrim great? The mods. They made a mediocre game great–they turned a take-it-or-leave-it proposition into a must-have. But the superior potential of SE doesn’t change the fact that Skyrim SE is still the same game as Skyrim, does it? Now that the SE mod portfolio is approaching that of the 32-bit version of the game, it will be time to revisit SE soon…

        But I confess I find the seeming trance that “Steam lists” put people into baffling! OK, Steam lists cover a fair percentage of Gamingdom–but they are representative of *nowhere near* an absolute, or even, in many cases, the majority of people who game. Couple of examples:

        1) Take this “Steam” list. I am what you might call a seriously deranged–er, *serious* gamer. That is, I’ve been gaming for only slightly fewer decades than I have fingers remaining on one hand–and I have all my fingers, still, by some odd fact of happenstance. I have a Steam account, a GOG account, a Humble-Pie account [sic], and I am registered with the Intergalactic Martian League of Accomplished Gamers (as you might imagine, we are a small, select group in the galaxy, with merely quadrillions of us as carried on the Master Gaming File (MGF) for the Milky Way–known elsewhere as “Galaxy BR549”.)

        But of all the “Steam list” here–only *one* listed game trips my trigger, so to speak–and that would be D: OS 2. Fantastic. The rest? Well they need not exist. Ugh. So this list doesn’t really represent me, at all.

        Then, as well, what does this list really mean? Does it mean that the top game on the list–the numero uno, head honcho, etc., sold 10 copies this week–while the deadbeat number 10 on the list sold 1 copy? Or does it mean something else? Mystery–no one knows *what* it means. Steam is being coy and will never tell.

        Then there are the “Steam Hardware Lists” which are the results of people who voluntarily let the Steam rifle through their hardware and record the results. Those lists don’t represent me, for I have not done the survey in years–and the hardware lists are *not* automatically compiled, as some erroneously think, they are completely *voluntary*. Which means they haven’t included my hardware choices in years. So–again–Steam lists fail the “absolute” tests by a country mile. They could be worthwhile dispensations of pertinent info, of course–if Steam would actually release some information that is either pertinent or relevant–but Steam is playing coy and I suspect that these lists will do little other than serve as advertising for the Steam Store for the foreseeable future.

        In short, the vaunted “Steam lists” are nowhere near the treasure trove of invaluable info many choose to think. Just so you know…;)

    • Grizzly says:

      I don’t own Skyrim!

    • Turkey says:

      It’s simple. All the NPCs in the game have become self-aware through the power of Radiant AI and are purchasing Skyrim for themselves. Unfortunately the economy in Skyrim is broken because of Dovakin, so it’s only now that some of the NPCs have been able to afford it.

    • Creeping Death says:

      Well I don’t think its as simple as “who doesn’t own skyrim?” anymore. Maybe we should be asking “who hasn’t bought the same game twice yet?” as this is the less than one year old re-release.

      I haven’t, but I don’t really intend to as I didn’t enjoy skyrim that much

    • NailBombed says:

      I hadn’t got Skyrim until about a month ago. Had ploughed my way through Fallout 4 and then thought ‘Hmmm. Really should get Skyrim sometime. It’s been 6 years and I now have a decent enough machine’. So, yeah, money and time, that’s why.

    • Nolenthar says:

      I always wonder how much units are sold to figure in this top 10. I mean, GTA5 has been there forever, so unless people are buying it two or three times, or once every months, this sounds fishy.

      And CS:Go, I mean, come on ?

      As for Dishonored, DOTO, well, too bad for you Bethesda. You updated your review guidelines, I updated my buyer guidelines. I don’t buy a single game from you not under a 50% sale at the minimum. And it’s irrelevant if the last ones have been good (Doom, Dishonored 2 – if you could wait for all the patch, and Prey). I often buy games the full price, I don’t mind, but I hate those review guidelines.

  2. LearningToSmile says:

    D:OS2 is a proper great game this time around, admittedly I’m not that far in yet but all the places where the first one fell flat seem to be fixed.

    Super stoked it looks to be doing well.

    • Nolenthar says:

      Has it grown more maturish ? seriousish ? or it’s still this big mess of a joke the first one was ? Don’t get me wrong, the first one was great in many areas, but I never got around the fact it never take itself seriously and couldn’t get hooked to the story what so ever …

      • LearningToSmile says:

        Oh there are more serious situations but the humor is back only this time it’s often actually funny. It has charm and personality lacking in some other recent crpg borefests(*cough*pillars of eternity*cough*)

  3. Bull0 says:

    I allowed myself to be taken in by divinity original sin 2’s fan purring and honestly I’m really glad. I admired the previous game on a systems level but hated the story structure enough to bounce straight off it – new one is miles better on that front and I spent most of Sunday contentedly poking about with it.

    • Laurentius says:

      I come from opposite direction, obviosly I’m only three hours in but I dislike story of D:OS2 so far. Where D:OS was rather succesfully balancing on a line of “unengage your brain, full of cliches fantasy romp”, D:OS2 fell into pretentious drivel right of the bat.

    • Nolenthar says:

      Well, I guess it answers my question. I bought it anyway because I can’t afford not to support good RPG developers but I had the same problems than you about the story so I’ll probably prefer the second one.

  4. King in Winter says:

    Hired Guns was a great game.

    • Kefren says:

      I wondered if someone else would recognise it! I played through the tutorial missions and standalones again the other day. I still love the sound design and atmosphere. But damn those lemmings in the reactor, especially the shielded ones. What is supposed to be cute becomes an object of terror.

  5. Someoldguy says:

    I guess being top Steam item on release day wasn’t enough for D:OS2 to displace PuBeRtY off the #1 spot for the week. Really enjoying it so far even if I have managed to experience some of the niggling bugs already. Fingers crossed they get polished up fast so I can have another go at it with a more optimised team of thugs.

  6. TheBloke says:

    Really pleased to see Divinity Original Sin 2 doing so well. I bought it on day of release (and the £40 ‘deluxe artwork’ version, to boot) even though I knew I wouldn’t play it for a little while, to support what appears to be a rare example of a really top developer.

    I’m not playing it yet because a couple of weeks ago I finally got around to buying and starting D:OS Enhanced Edition, thinking I’d get through it in time for the sequel’s launch. I’ve since played 150 hours and am pretty sure there’s still a lot of content I’m yet to see. It’s been really good fun and engaging, despite often showing its low-budget Kickstarter origins.

    I’m therefore thoroughly looking forward to D:OS 2 which by all accounts is going to be much more more polished and detailed. I just hope they haven’t dumbed it down at all, because I love the complexity of the choices in D:OS 1. I spent literally hours just experimenting with crafting recipes, trying to guess weird and funny combinations to enable me to craft as many powerful items as possible. (Which to be honest I think unbalanced the game a tad, especially with all the hours I’ve spent pickpocketing, looting, and agonising over the absolute best combos of gear; despite playing my first game on the hardest (non-permadeath) difficulty, Tactician, I’ve not lost more than four or five fights in the entire game. But some have come close, and it’s still be great fun.)

  7. milligna says:

    D:OS2 is an incredible piece of work and a nice incremental evolution of the CRPG. Terrific to see it do so well, I hope this leads to years of Neverwinter Nights-style modding madness. The engine is perfect for this sort of thing, makes me wish Larian did a few expansions.

  8. Slazia says:

    link to

    I used to love that game. It was really janky, but I just clicked with me.

  9. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    DOS2’s success justifies the utter failure of the dozen or so other things I kickstarted.

  10. Blad the impaler says:

    DeMar’s got some serious forehead game going on there. I haven’t played a basketball game since (well on PC) since the Amiga days. That might be refreshing.