Rumour: Cyberpunk 2077 to be shown at E3 2018


I half expected Witcher devs CD Project Red to be trolling us with the solitary ‘beep’ from the Cyberpunk 2077 account last week, and that we wouldn’t hear anything from them for another 5 years. I mean, of course it was trolling – but Polish site GRYOnline have reported fresh rumours for the RPG, claiming certain information has arrived with them courtesy of two independent sources.

If the rumours are to be believed, Cyberpunk 2077 will have a public trailer at E3 2018, and there’ll be a private, playable demo for the press.

GRYOnline don’t disclose those sources, but being one of the largest Polish games sites does lend the site some credibility. What’s more, as VG247 point out, CD Project Red could be following a similar plan to their E3 strategy from 2013 when they first showed off The Witcher 3. The public got a gameplay trailer, and the journos got to watch a demo in private.

I can’t think of a game I’m looking forward to more than Cyberpunk 2077 – I stuck it on our list of games we’re excited about for 2018 despite knowing that chances of it coming out this year are practically nil. After the spellbinding Witcher 3, the prospect of exploring a similarly fleshed out sci-fi world makes me giddy.

Just as that game was built from the world of the Witcher books, Cyberpunk 2077 is set in the same world as tabletop RPG Cyberbunk 2020. Adam got to chat with the creator of that RPG last year, where they discussed his role in helping CD project stay true to the genre.

“At core, unless you have the meaning behind the black leather and the neon, you lose what cyberpunk is. That’s the problem with getting Cyberpunk made as a videogame; people don’t get it. They think it’s about action heroes quipping as they take down corporations.”

He’s a Witcher fan, too:

“I think Geralt is a little bit cyberpunk and I hope we can sneak something in 2077 that relates to him without the fans immediately catching on. He does what he needs to do, he doesn’t necessarily get any joy out of it – he just makes sure that what needs to go down does go down. It’s a combination of fatalism and romanticism. That’s cyberpunk.”

It’s a wide-ranging interview that roams from discussions about reliance on technology to the use of faceless villains in Blade Runner, and is well worth a read.


  1. Michael Fogg says:

    Can’t wait for more cyborg ladies in nighties

  2. cardigait says:

    Don’t bother, the real release date is in the title

    • Celcos says:

      2018? Sweet!

    • Orazio Zorzotto says:

      I’m genuinely curious as to why so many people think this is vaporware. Sure, it was announced early but considering their ambitions for a new IP (to videogames) and their standard of quality an 8 year Dev cycle seems fair. Witcher 3 was 5 years. And I much prefer the radio silence, knowing they’re working hard in the background, than a Star Citizen type blow up .

      • Booker says:

        Who thinks this is vaporware? Sounds silly.

        Building a game of this size usually takes 4 years, it’s really normal. They only stopped working fulltime on Witcher 3 in 2016, so they aren’t even 2 years in full dev time. CDP isn’t a company that slaps cheap shit together in a year, this isn’t BioWare we are talking about.

      • King_Mandu says:

        It’s also been know that trailer was a teaser to attract talent to their studio. A “Hey look at this cool game we’re going to make. Come join us!”

  3. skyturnedred says:

    !RemindMe six months

  4. shaydeeadi says:

    If anyone hasn’t read it, the Pondsmith interview is fantastic, I don’t get too hype about games anymore but will be booking a week off to session this once it finally drops.

  5. KingFunk says:

    This might just be the game that gets me to upgrade to a PS4 Pro (since by the time it comes out I likely still won’t be able to afford/justify a rig powerful enough to max it out…)

    • lordcooper says:

      If you think the PS4 version will look and perform the same as the PC version ‘maxed out’ then you’re gonna be sorely disappointed.

      • Ghostwise says:

        Real cyberpunks will play this on a hand-made cyberdeck using illegal neural jacks, anyway.

        • Orazio Zorzotto says:

          Real cyberpunks will play it on a Nintendo 64 emulating an Xbox One X.

        • Don Reba says:

          Real cyberpunks will play it wearing VR goggles and thermoptic camouflage.

          • HiroTheProtagonist says:

            Excuse you, REAL cyberpunks will be playing this in the Metaverse at exclusive clubs where only the chosen few can experience the true, authentic vision CD Projekt has for this game.

          • gwop_the_derailer says:

            Real cyberpunks will pirate it.

            Don’t be a punk.

      • KingFunk says:

        I am under no such illusions, but it will definitely look better than on my stock PS4 and I’m pretty sure my PC won’t even run it.

  6. toshiro says:

    I think hype is by definition bad. And I think that following a wonderful creation as Witcher 3 with something as wonderful is practically impossible. Witcher 3 hit the nail. It is very very very unlikely that they will do it twice, especially with all the commotion surrounding it. I think for this to have any chance to not disappoint, they should make it very clear that it is not Witcher 4: cyberpunk. I dunno. Maybe it will be great. Hope it will be. But I strongly dislike this rumor-based journalism thing youre doing right now RPS.

    • Sandepande says:

      In my books they have every chance of making it better than Witcher 3, if only because I keep bouncing off that game.

    • Machocruz says:

      Since they are using a well established pen and paper system, this has a very good chance of eclipsing The Witcher 3 in many ways. That game is not the end all be all of the genre. No party, no character creation, no choice in classes, so-so character development system. Cyberpunk 2020 is detailed and intricate, although it remains to be scene what portion of that will make it in, this being a AAA game. Frankly, I think it can only be better, unless you think CDPR will lose it’s storytelling and scene rendering chops, which was what the Witcher games having going for them the most.

      • Sandepande says:

        I’m not worried about the writing, in the case of the Witcher it were the world and the characters that left me cold. Mechanically the game is passable.

        I like a lot (well, liked, it doesn’t have quite the same impact now), so I’m positively aligned…

    • Booker says:

      This sounds like a problem the audience can only blame itself for.

      It sounds pretty idiotic anyway, to expect the game to be better than Witcher 3, just because W3 was so good. I can see no logic in this whatsoever.

      All I expect is a fun RPG. And even if it’s not as good as W3, it’s still going to be good enough for me.

  7. racccoon says:

    I have followed this since its birth, but i do not think it needs anymore hype than when they are ready to show us their hype. lol

  8. pookie101 says:

    Please don’t screw this up.. I’ve been waiting since 1990 for a proper Cyberpunk game.

    I hope the rumours that they dumped character creation to settle on a single male and female protagonist are wrong.

    Side note. If I can’t ram an AV4 into the board room of a megacorp’s skyscraper then it’s not Cyberpunk :D

  9. Hoot says:

    They say “without the fans immediately catching on”.

    Queue a brooding NPC in Cyberpunk 2077 named Geratt who you have to talk to in order for you to progress a quest by hunting for something.

    Only joking, if anyone can do a subtle nod justice, it’s CDPR.

    • KingFunk says:

      Well, some of the ones in W2 were a bit heavy-handed, but I did rather enjoy the Tyrion Lannister one in W3…