Platinum continue their PC streak with Babylon’s Fall

Babylon's Fall

It looks like a scene straight out of Dark Souls; a battered knight lays hunched over as a towering blue armoured figure prepares to finish them off. Then the fallen knight sprouts magical tentacles from their back, tears off their opponent’s sword-arm with them and uses it to bisect them, which is a bit less Dark Souls. Announced during Square Enix’s E3 showcase, Babylon’s Fall is the next from Bayonetta & Nier: Automata studio Platinum Games and, while we haven’t seen any gameplay footage yet, they reckon that it’ll be out on PC next year.

So, what nuggets of info can we draw from the trailer below? Well, they’re definitely going for Souls-ish medieval dark fantasy, set in a world where humanity has been forced underground by an angry goddess after 450 years of war over a magical artefact known as the Oversoul. Now humanity are going to climb back up and kick god’s arse, as if that wasn’t exactly the thing that got them in trouble in the first place.

The dramatic shot of four heroes (who look to fit the classic archetypes of wizard, fighter, rogue, and cleric ) standing in front of a massive tower immediately makes me think that this is going to be a co-op game, and maybe even a dungeon crawl of some description. While I could be wrong, I’ll hazard a guess that with Platinum at the helm – masters of the character action genre – this one is going to be more action than RPG, and that’s just fine by me. With Devil May Cry 5 just recently announced, too, I’m feeling positively pandered to.

Babylon’s Fall is coming to PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4 in 2019. Given that this is something brand new from Platinum (especially noteworthy after Microsoft’s Scalebound fell through), I’m going to keep a very close eye on this one.

Check out our E3 2018 tag for more announcements, trailers, news, and goodness knows what else.


  1. LexW1 says:

    Not a lot to see yet, but based on the tone, theme, material and Platinum being involved it seems fairly safe to guess that this will be 100% “my sort of thing”. Hopefully it has up to 4-player couch co-op, maybe like “Platinum does Tower of Doom”.

  2. Pich says:

    That’s a very Soulsy trailer, only needs a cackling grandma

  3. cyrenic says:

    Watching that trailer made me realize I want a game like Crusader Kings but with a high fantasy setting. Instead of kings and countries falling you have entire worlds rising and apocalypses occurring, followed by an eventual rebirth.

    I thought this was some kind of Management or 4x game watching the trailer at first. Kinda weird reading that it’s going to be an action game instead.

    • zauberkraut says:

      Umm… Endless Legend?

      • pack.wolf says:

        Like Crusader Kings? <- Me thinks it fails in that category.
        Probably not much out there except for the GoT (and probably other) CK2 mods. Maybe one of the Total Wars or a mod for one could come somewhat close too.

      • cyrenic says:

        Yeah what I’m thinking of would probably end up looking a lot like Endless Legend, but the focus of the gameplay would be more on the creation and destruction of races and the entire world.

        So kind of like a whole bunch of Endless legend games that were much faster and linked together (gods or races persisting through destructive events). And you would pick a faction at the beginning of each rebirth and try to help them through a cycle of existence.

        I think I’m describing a 4x with roguelike elements, maybe? I watched that trailer and wanted to play something that would create lore like they’re showing but you’re interacting with the various eras as they happen. And then you create a new game and play through a whole new history with worlds rising and falling.

        I left the trailer wanting to play through their lore instead of the action game they’re actually making. I’m a weirdo :)

    • TheAngriestHobo says:

      Can we all just agree that literally anything combined with CKII would be awesome and leave it at that? It seems like every other day someone is posting about their dream game, and it’s almost always a CrusaderKingsBut.

  4. Premium User Badge

    Serrit says:

    Hope we’re not being Oversouled on this…

  5. Tim James says:

    Dominic, I’m really starting to like you. Please stick around.

  6. racccoon says:

    battle in here somehwere

  7. kud13 says:

    I tried Bayonetta earlier this year.

    I’m a new Platinum convert, and this was one of the best news to come out of E3.

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