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Babylon's Fall carves out a March 2022 release date

PlatinumGames' co-op hack and slasher is finally coming out

It's been three years since Babylon's Fall was first announced, but PlatinumGames' co-op hack and slasher finally has a release date. It's out on March 3rd 2022, and its new Game Awards trailer certainly shows a much more vivid and eye-catching game than the one Ed and I saw in the most recent closed beta. Not only are there giant skull bosses with lasers bursting out of their eye sockets, but some of the creatures you'll face in the Tower Of Babylon look suspiciously like Nier: Automata-style bullet-hell boys. See it all in action below.

Babylon's Fall is one of those games I keep forgetting exists until another big, flashy trailer arrives, so in case your memory is similarly sieve-like, here's a quick recap. As the trailer alludes to below, you and fellow warriors known as sentinels have been tasked with taking down the Tower Of Babylon, a place swarming with ferocious and fantastical creatures, to find some kind of long-lost treasure.

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Thanks to the power of the mysterious (and rather daftly named) Gideon Coffin, each sentinal is capable of wielding up to four magical weapons of your choosing, be it a sword, axe, bow, spear or hammer. It's got all the sharp, crisp combat you'd expect from a Platinum game, especially with up to four people weighing in at the same time, but the parts of the tower we saw during the last closed beta didn't really do much to capture our imagination. Despite the rather gorgeous, painterly art style, each run at the tower was just one big number sponge battle after another with lots of very empty corridors to run down in between.

But perhaps we were being a little too hasty to judge old Babylon, as the latest Game Awards trailer looks far more exciting. Monsters look a lot meaner and more of a challenge, and the dark, stormy skies around the one minute mark give off a very different vibe to the leisurely sunny streets we experienced a few weeks ago. I'm intrigued to see what prompts such moody scene changes, plus there's an entire section of the tower that just seems to shoot up out of the ground out of nowehere. More of that, please, Platinum! Did I mention all the dragons blazing around all over the place as well? Consider me a lot more pumped about this game than I was a month ago.

Babylon's Fall launches on Steam on March 3rd 2022.

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